Thursday, March 13, 2014

Round 2 Voting for BHG Makeover Madness + Free Printable!!

Round 2 voting for Better Homes and Gardens Makeover Madness is now open!! Will you vote for my project? You can vote 10 am EST Thursday through 10 am EST Friday once an hour if you'd like!

It's super easy, only takes one click (it will prompt you to share on Facebook, feel free, but it's not necessary to cast your vote). If I make it through the next round, I go to BHG headquarters for a DIY challenge, eeek!!

Vote >>> HERE 

Thank you!! 


Shortly after we moved to Ohio, I shared this free printable at Infarrantly Creative. Now that we're moving again it's the perfect time to share it here too! Moving twice in a year, the phrase, Home Is Wherever I'm With You, couldn't be truer!

Want to download and print your own copy? Here's how:

1. Download the six page PDF HERE
2. Each PDF page has a different color US map, 1. light blue 2. citrine 3. coral 4. navy 5. gray 6. mint. Arrow down to your selected page.
3. Go to your local print center, or print at home on 8.5x11 photo paper. Set the page scaling to 100%, adjust any print settings and print.
4. Frame in a 8.5x11 frame or in a mat for an 8x10 image. Or cut down to 8x10 and frame.

Frame as is, or add heart stickers to the places that are meaningful to you! I've been thinking about making free printables a regular series here .. let me know if you'd like that, and if so, what you'd like to see!!


Don't forget to VOTE for me! :) Thanks friends!!


  1. LOVE these Sarah! We are living in NY for my husband's dental school and it's rough being so far from family and friends. We are from Arizona so this is quite the change. I am redoing my master right now so this is the perfect printable for my room! Also, I love the idea of free printables here!! I LOVE your style! Hugs, Mallory

  2. I vote yes on the free printables! I think I've printed everyone you've had. The "enjoy the little things" is actually hanging in my bedroom, I love it! and this is one thing to add to my family room wall! thank you dear!

  3. A big hand waving yes to printables - I am a textile and paint gal so I am always yearning for great graphics and printables.

    I think/hope (fingers crossed) remember this one from you: would LOVE the ombre wavy ribbon with the dates, for date met, date engaged, date married - or maybe kids birthdates.

  4. you got my vote and i shared on my personal fb page!

  5. Just voted too and of course printables would be a nice addition to your already fabulous blog!

  6. Love printables :) A super-accessible way to add some fun to my home. You're fabulous:)

  7. I hope you win, I voted for you!! PS, I'm the new blog assistant at East Coast Creative!! :) Good Luck! Love this print, so true!

  8. WHERE CAN I GET THE WALL STENCIL. LOVE IT! You got my vote. Thanks


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