Monday, March 17, 2014

Our House | Entry Plans

Thanks for letting me share our story yesterday! I always enjoy learning more about the person behind the blog - based on the survey results last week, you do too! (or at least a good chunk of you :)

Last week, you also told me that you wanted to hear more about our new house, so I'll be talking more about our plans in the next few weeks! Before house tour here and here

In other news, I just realized that we're moving in about a week .. yikes!!! We're planning to be in full project mode for 1.5 weeks in between jobs, before we head to TN, so hopefully we get lots done!


Since we're currently away from our house, we're in full planning mode! While I was there the other week, I measured our entry and made a few plans ..

Here it is now:

Here's a few options that I came up with. Nothing's set in stone. Just a few ideas :)

coat hook // white cabinets (we'll most likely be building our own, but these are from Ikea) // pendant thrifted a few months ago // fabric 1 and 2 // tile 

coat hooks // pendant // fabric // roman shade // tile

I'd love to add a custom closet to accommodate coats, shoes, etc. Maybe bench seating too. I stay organized if everything has a place, so rather than having one big open closet, I'd love separate compartments.

Hooks are a must for me. I love having a place that I can quickly store my purse or coat. p.s. Did you see YHL announcement this morning!? One from their collection might be perfect!!

A few months ago I picked up this gorgeous pendant, I still have to confirm the scale to see if it's right for the space, but I love the shape (currently there is just one bad fluorescent light above the front door) I also have a chandelier, and drum shade, so I could do something like this though probably not .. I'll probably save that for a bedroom or office.

I love the idea of a roman shade over the one small window. Maybe a simple trim or maybe a pattern.

The existing tile is in good shape, but it's pretty basic. I think the entry of your home should make a statement. I LOVE the veining in the gray tile - plus I think it would hide dirt well. I'm also considering a Cararra marble look alike, but I'm thinking the white would be a pain to keep clean.

I'm currently considering fabrics for the roman shade and bench .. David's not thrilled with the stripe, but I love how bright and bold it is (but maybe too feminine ..)

I CAN'T wait to get started on big projects!! David's parents safely delivered our massive new (to us) table saw on Friday. So we should be good to go!


Also, thanks SO much for voting in BHG Makeover Madness!! Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the final round, but that's ok :) It was such an honor to participate!!


  1. Love "your story" and the plans look great...I know I'm no help but either option looks good!

  2. I'm so jealous of your new table saw. I don't even have room for a small one :(
    Love that pendant too.

  3. Either way you go, it will be gorgeous! I kind of love both sets of plans :)

  4. I'm with both! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  5. love the direction you are heading! Can't wait to see more!

  6. New project .... how EXCITING!!!!! Have a blast putting it all together. Can't wait to see the board become reality.

  7. Looks like you have some great bones to begin with, so much character! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with it and please let me know if we can help out with Fabric!

    1. Thanks so much Janine!! I'm planning to finalize my plans this weekend and would LOVE to work with Tonic Living - love your site!! Sarah


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