Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Moving + Creating with the Stars

Thanks so much for the overwhelming response to my survey yesterday (on this post) - you all really know how to make a girl feel loved!! I'll be adjusting a few things on the blog based on your comments. Most were things that I wanted to add or adjust, but I learned a few things that made me think, oh that's a great idea!! More on that later :)

Today, I wanted to give you an update on us (by the way, something more that you wanted to hear about!)

It's official, we're moving from Ohio at the end of March. It isn't exactly what I hoped for (and I'm sure not what a lot of you hoped for) .. we won't be at our new house full time. We'll be in Knoxville, TN for 6 months.
Even though we won't be at our house full time, it's ok. If you've been reading since the fall, you probably know that our move to Ohio wasn't the smoothest, more here, here and here. I'm anticipating that ALL of these will be removed this time around! 1. We lived in Knoxville before California, so we know where stuff is and we have friends and contacts there! There are things that we miss there .. plus we never got to meet Annabelle's brother Henry, so we're hoping for a playdate. 2. We're pretty sure that we have a house to rent. David's currently working with someone who has a house in Knoxville available to rent. Finding something quickly with Annabelle was a big issue in Ohio, so just having this (hopefully) taken care of prior to arriving is a huge relief. 3. The house has a washer / dryer! No more public laundry mat for me!! HUGE relief!

Want to know the best part?

David's schedule will be more flexible, so we'll be able to take more trips to Maryland and work on our house. PLUS He's taking 1.5 weeks off between jobs, so we'll be using that time to (hopefully) finish one room in our house. I've been planning! More on that later.

Also, we sold our $15 garage sale table in CA and just upgraded to a (used) top of the line (maybe commercial?) table saw. I'll have to ask David more about it, honestly, it seems excessive to me - it's huge! But with the new house, we'll have some major construction projects, so it will be put to good use. He found it used on a government liquidation website and David's dad is picking it up on Friday. Hopefully all goes as planned, and we'll be ready to go at the end of March.

So what can you expect here in the next few months? It will be about the same as it's been the past 6 months, plus more house updates AND house projects. In TN we'll be working on projects (mostly furniture and accessories) for our MD house, maybe a few rental ideas. We'll be in MD probably once a month working on our house.

Stay tuned!!


Also, have you entered your best DIY project from the past year in the 2014 CWTS competition at East Coast Creative!?! Last year I did, and I ended up winning!! We've had lots of great opportunities since than, I'm so glad that we did it.

SO what are you waiting for!? Today's the last day. DO IT! :)

Plus, I'll be over at East Coast Creative during the competition, sharing a project once a week, so make sure to tune in for that.

click HERE for all the details!


  1. I can't believe you'll be somewhere else again. You are all over the place!

  2. i commented over there today that i was so excited you were moving 10 minutes from me, but maybe you were scared about it.... ;)
    my inlaws live in knoxville- it's a great place! when i visit them i love the walk or run on cherokee blvd. i may end up staying there one night on the way to haven..... we shall see!

  3. Can I ask what David does for a living that you both are able to travel the states so much. Sounds so exciting!

    1. Second that nosey question. :) I haven't been following for very long but it's clear you guys have a very flexible life and I'm DYING of curiosity of what your hubby does. /Anna

    2. Hi Anna! David works for a global construction company, and we currently move to where the projects are .. We've only been around the US, but we've had friends go to Chile, Abu Dhabi, Australia, so we could end up anywhere!

  4. I entered Creating With the Stars last year and was so bummed when I wasn't chosen...then I saw your project and admitted to myself "Yeah, I couldn't have beaten that." I'm back this year with a whole lot more experience and a bunch of ideas. I would love the opportunity to work with you!

  5. Oh wow, I live in Damascus. I love how big your house is in the photos. I wish mine was just over 1000sf. Can't wait to see all your house projects!

  6. You really have moved around quite a bit. Congrats on your two year blog anniversary! You have such inspiring ideas and projects you have done- it's no wonder you won last year's contest. I put one of my projects in and think I would be over the moon just to be in it with other amazing bloggers.

  7. You are so creative and talented! It's going to be fun seeing what you do to the new house. I just moved locally the end of last June and I haven't recovered yet! :) Of course, I'm much older too.


  8. Wow, big news on your move! I hope things go much more smoothly this time!

    Okay, I created a blog post just to link to the contest! I took these pictures back when I finished the project and my good camera wasn't working, but oh well. (If I had to take new pictures today, it just wouldn't have happened.)

    Not trying to win, but thought I'd join in on the fun!

  9. What a long road to the new house, but I always think knowing that light is there at the end of the tunnel helps. And this move sounds a lot easier with going back to a place you know and lived before. I have total table saw envy, too!

  10. I commented the other day that I just found your blog and love it. So I was really excited to see that you will be moving to Maryland sometime. I live there and not to far from Frederick. I am looking forward to trying some of your amazing DIY's.


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