Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five

Last week a few of you mentioned that you weren't a huge fan of Friday Finds, which got me thinking that there was a little room for improvement.. I love sharing my recent favorite finds, so I'll keep doing that, but only one or two, mixed for a few other tips + tricks and other favorites from the week. Here's the broad categories 1// home decor - anything home related! 2// tip + trick - something that I've picked up along the way (probably DIY related) 3// sarah's pick - anything random :) 4// around the web - projects that have inspired me 5// friday find - my favorite furniture or home accessory of the week!

 So here's what's caught my eye recently!

I recently found Priley Lane - a custom US furniture company, where each piece is handmade just outside of Boston. When I first saw their website it was love at first sight! Most of their furniture is customizable with a variety of bold colors, and finishes. They even have a lacquer linen and grass cloth finish - swoon!!

Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Brighton Bamboo Chair // 2. Cambridge Console Table // 3. Germaine Dining Table // 4. Spring Side Table

I don't know about you, but we work on projects all over the house. Mostly because we don't have a garage right now, but also because it's more comfortable working inside with climate control and tv :) Instead of putting the tools away everyday mid-project, I like to keep the ones I'm using nearby in a basket. That way they're easy to find and not spread all over the room. You can also layer a blanket on top if you want them completely hidden.

 I've been a long time fan of seltzer water. My parent's started drinking it several years ago, and I've been hooked every since! I love it plain or with a tiny splash of juice. If you're not familiar with seltzer water, it's carbonated water with a light flavor, no sugar, no artificial sweetner and no sodium. I was never a huge fan of soda, but now, after drinking seltzer water, soda is WAY too sweet, I don't like it at all. David's parents recently started drinking it too, and his Mom now thinks that soda tastes too sweet as well .. so if you're looking to kick the soda habitat, try seltzer water! It may take you a week or two to convert.. and you may have a new addiction, but at least it's healthy! 

My fav is La Croix, it is SO good! The liter size (typically store brand) is the cheapest way to go. You can typically get a liter for .75 - 1.00 at any grocery store.

Kristin from The Hunted Interior knocks it out of the park every single time! Love how she transformed a closet into her work space by simply adding a long Ikea counter top. Brilliant!! Check out all the details here (please pin from original source)

via the hunted interior

Safavieh Dhurrie gray + ivory runner. LOVE the pattern!! I want this in our new house! 

Target Threshold White and Natural X-Base table I've been loving white with natural wood recently! This would make a great low nightstand (height is 22", check with your mattress height) or an accent table next to a sofa! 

I hope you enjoy the new format for Friday's post! Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

Hope you all have a great weekend! The movers are coming Monday and then we'll be spending a mini vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge (the lazy river is calling my name!) till David finishes up work on Wednesday. Then we're headed to Maryland to work on our new house!


  1. I like it, it feels more personal. I have to admit, I usually didn't read the Friday posts, but now I will start! Thanks for shakin things up:)

  2. Thanks Doll!! I too am a bubbly water addict.

  3. This post just makes me smile. One major fact about myself is that I'm obsessed with Seltzer water. Well most German's are. I can't live without it and drink it every day.

    And I also try to work inside with my tools in a basket ;)

  4. I guess call me old fashion, I liked the old Friday Finds. But I do like when bloggers highlight other bloggers posts. I found some great blogs that way.

  5. La Croix = the best! I'm a total seltzer junkie. It's insane.

    Love the new Friday Find set up (I liked it the old way too, but this is fun)!

  6. I like the format! Also came across Priley Lane recently too - amazing products!

  7. I actually started following your blog after I came across your Friday Finds posts. I like this format too, but please don't do away with all those great recommendations!

  8. I love the new format! It's fun to get a tip from you... I need to learn more of your DIY amazingness!

  9. You find the best stuff!. Like the new format, but liked the old one as well. I love the La Croix too, especially the pamplemousse flavor. Sometiimes I add just a splash of grapefruit juice to jazz it up a little more. I really like that Threshold table, of course I like most of their little table. I am tempted to buy that one if I can find it in store, not have to order online.

  10. Pricey lane looks amazing! I must check that one out! And of course, Kristin's desk...AMAZING!!

  11. Priley Lane looks awesome! Need to check that one out for sure! And of course I love Kristin's new desk area-AMAZING! xo K

  12. I DO love this new format! And, great idea on the tool-basket!

  13. I looooooove Friday Finds, please don't stop sharing all those perfect goodies you come across.

  14. Priley Lane is NOT awesome. Their furniture would be cute if it were made well; BUT their furniture is defective and poorly manufactured. We bought the round table featured above and it arrived with a warped top table and unfinished base. When we asked for a refund or a fix, Priley Lane told us that it was "common" to have a warped table top and suggested that we use bumpers to make it appear more even. The paint chips. Poor customer service and the owner Amelia is particularly unhelpful. Stay away!


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