Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Finds + Sneak Peek for Monday

Happy Friday! I survived the DMV yesterday while getting my car registered in Maryland .. I rewarded myself with some thrifting and Home Goods .. thrifting was extremely sad because I got lost on my way there, got there 5 minutes before closing and found something similar to this with a sold sign on it, why must they taunt me? Can't they move it to the back?? I even sent Cassie a text asking if she bought it .. hoping she would sell it to me. She didn't .. BUT I scored an amazing rug at Home Goods!! So it almost canceled out losing the amazing dresser :)

and it wouldn't be Friday without sharing a few of my favorite finds!!

1. Target Threshold Lattice Pouf Target has been killing it recently with their pouf selection. I was going to include two, but the link to my other recent favorite isn't working .. so maybe next week :)

2. Target Counter Height Andres Seagrass Stool Every room needs a little texture, these are great!!

3. #whistlewhileyouwork pencil set Pretty and motivational? I think I would be more productive!

4. West Elm Gold Flatware This would make everyday feel like a special occasion!

5. Target Black and White Pillow Love a good stripe!!

and here's a little preview of our latest project!

Stop by Monday for all the details!

Hope you have a good weekend friends!!


  1. That dresser! Awesome. Just awesome. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. You are kidding me! I can't believe what you turned that sideboard into!!!
    And I'm still dreaming about getting my hands on that West Elm flatware one day. It's just still to pricey for this cheap

  3. Sarah! That table sneak peek is looking amazing!!!! And...I'm with you on those Target poufs! Loving them :) Happy Weekend! xo Kristin

  4. I hate that sold sign! I'm with you, they should move those things to the back and put the rest of us out of our misery. :) That console looks amazing!!

  5. Oh my gosh....THAT PREVIEW!!!!! I'm head over heels!

  6. I love the project preview! And that dresser - wow! Do you mind sharing where you thrift in Maryland? I'm in Northern Virginia and would love finding some new places to check out around here.

    1. Hi Stephanie! This was at Salvation Army in Hagerstown

  7. I'll be dreaming about that sneak peek all weekend!!

  8. You have incredible style! I live in Maryland too(Frederick County area)! Did you just move here? There is some good thrifting to be had out here. I absolutely love your stencil designs!


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