Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend in Photos | Our House + Shopping + Project Updates

Hi! I hope that you had a great weekend! Sorry for no post yesterday .. we were traveling (like usual) and we got a little delayed. I had a project planned to share yesterday/today, but I messed up painting, so some sanding and repainting needs to happen first .. hopefully a little later this week :)

Here's our weekend through Instagram (plus a few extra, since I didn't want to overload my insta feed) 

When David got off of work Friday, we loaded up the truck, and the snow started picking up a lot. Our street was covered, assuming that the highway would be treated we left .. The highway had zero salt, so everything was sticking (Should have checked trafficland to look at the cameras). We decided to stop and check the weather and eat (massive burrito bowl from Chiptole to share). We got back on the road and ultimately decided to turn around because the roads got worse.

We left Saturday morning instead (p.s. we also downloaded this app, other users upload road info like weather, traffic, accidents, cops, etc. I used it while David drove and it was great!)

 The first thing David did when we got to the house was take down the half door. It's so much more open and I no longer struggle trying to figure out which way the door swings :)

Then I turned around and he was removing the bottom two risers and then the top two (he knows me so well :) .. the middle was already open, so it looks more cohesive, plus it lets more light through.

The locks desperately needed to be changed .. after being given a fistful of keys at closing, taking us 5 minutes to get in and out of the door, and me ripping the knob off trying to lock the door we invested in new knobs. We got the kind that you can re key, so now all of our exterior doors (all 7 of them) have the same key. We wanted to swap them out anyways since who knows who has copies ..

With all of the keys, we couldn't figure out which one opened the small room next to the garage (will be our woodshop) We probably had the key, but without knowing which one worked, we didn't know which one to jiggle, etc. So David used an angle grinder and cut off the knob. (funny side note, the safety goggles got paint spilled over one side from moving our paint, so the other side is completely covered with paint :)

Later we went to D.C. to look for a sofa, the Crate and Barrel outlet in Alexandria VA was having a 10% off sale.. guess we got there too late since almost all of the sofas were sold. I did find two pillows (similar to this, but emerald green) and a few Christmas ornaments.

We also stopped at West Elm in Tyson's Corner. The January catalog has one of my Instagram pics included, so that was neat to see in store!

Floor sample rugs were half off so we snagged this one. It's a little lighter and less contrasty in person. Also, SO many things were on clearance! I picked up a monogrammed hand towel (similar, but thin stripe) and two drapery panels that I'll use for pillows or light upholstery.

Back to the house .. we found the original blue prints. How cool is that!? A few things have changed while or after it was built, it was so neat to see their original plans and how things evolved. I was SO excited!! I'll be redrawing in the computer this week.

Finally, Annabelle LOVES the new windows. She can lay on the ground and watch squirrels and the driveway. Here she is in my office, she has an amazing view of the entire driveway, the road out front and trees. It was neat to see her here as soon as we pulled into the driveway :) Also, there is a small dog door, and we found out this weekend that she fits! When we adopted Annabelle, her foster mom had a dog door, and she wanted a dog door for Annabelle so that makes me smile :)

I'm off to figure out the paint situation on my next project, hopefully I'll have the reveal soon!!


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  1. That's so cool you have the original prints! xo K

  2. so exciting! i love that rug! are you enjoying all this snow?

  3. So cool about the blueprints! Love the new rug too, it's great!

  4. so exciting to follow your new adventures in this new house!

  5. Love reading about every little aspect of your new home. So exciting!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  6. So many exciting things happening Sarah! What a great find to come across the original blue prints. I would totally frame and hang them!

  7. Since you're heading around Alexandria and Tyson's Corner, you might check out the Leesburg Outlets for a couch. There's a Pottery Barn Outlet and a Restoration Hardware one too. Good Luck, and enjoy settling in!

  8. Love the leesburg outlets! So bummed that they closed the crate and barrel and pottery barn .. Resoration hardware is still there though :)

  9. I agree with Shavonda, you should frame the blue prints.


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