Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project Sneaks | Chairs + Woodworking

Hi! I'm stopping in quickly to share a little peak of what we've been working on! We have SO many projects in process right now .. I just counted 5. I blame it on not having all of our tools in one place and the weather (ok, maybe I'm just excited about too many things as well :)

Here's a little update through my Instagram.

Mom's been helping me with this chair .. photo was taken at night, so the colors are a little off, it's more teal.

Sunday, I found an amazing deal at Joann Fabrics (in store) for this gray chenille upholstery fabric. With the store sale and an extra coupon, I got it for about $3.40 a yard. Love when I find deals like this - it doesn't happen very often, but when they do, I get giddy :) I bought 10 yards, so I'll probably have a little extra.

I was originally planning a blue for these chairs (I actually bought this, but it was more of a medium blue than a turquoise, so it won't work .. if you're interested let me know, I can send more pics - I have 8 yards.)

Side note: the upholstery on the original chairs was in great shape, so I was hoping to reuse the foam .. when we put the cushions in the truck, we realized that they smelled like smoke, so I had to buy new foam .. grr. Oh well, the price was still reeeaaally good!! (I researched removing the smoke smell, but I couldn't find a good solution, and I didn't want to waste time or money or chance having the smell come back once done .. )

Love after Christmas 70% off shopping! We invested in a tall tree for our new house (1 more day!!!) it will look great with the high ceilings!! (we're making lamps too, so that's what the shades are for :)

And, I've been going traditional and neutral for too long .. I'm thinking COLOR next year!

Finally, the project below is now done! Hopefully pics and post on Monday (I haven't photographed it, so it may be complicated by moving).

This wood came from South Carolina - my grandfather got lots of wood milled after a hurricane went through years ago. It has such a pretty grain (this photo does them no justice).

Wish me luck signing TONS of papers (twice) tomorrow. David has to work, so I'm signing for him too.. hope my hand doesn't cramp up :)

Hope you have a great weekend!!


  1. I already can't wait to see your tree! Where did you get your new Christmas Tree? We put ours on the curb this year and I need to find a new one!

  2. Oh, now I notice the big red cart...Target! I didn't know they had trees that tall!

    1. I know! I was surprised when we found it there. Online we couldn't find one for under $300, so we thought $160 was pretty good. David originally wanted a 12' one, but for the price 10.5' will be great :)

  3. wishing you all the luck tomorrow, neighbor! and i am so in love with those chairs still- what a find!

  4. I hope everything goes well with the closing, so excited to see projects in your new place!

  5. The fabric! What a steal! Killing me with the sneak peaks.
    I bought all kinds of colored Target Christmas balls too. So fun
    Good luck at closing from me too.

  6. 10 1/2' tree! OMG! That will look amazing with those high ceilings.

  7. Yayyyy....good luck tomorrow! And I can't wait for your Christmas decor next year! ;)

  8. So excited to see what you do with those chairs.

  9. I had to do all the signing for our house too :) Good luck!! Can't wait to see all of these projects - the wood has me intrigued!

  10. Ooooh so many teasers all in one spot! Cannot wait to see all the projects finished! ;) Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  11. love the fabrics and what a steal on it! Nice that your momma can help! Love it! Target has the mother load of price cuts right now! If I could just get out of this snow capped house I could find something left in that goldmine:)

  12. Great fabrics. I love your teases!! Hope you had a great weekend moving in!


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