Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Projects!! | A pair of chairs, a chair, and a desk + Houzz Article

I've been in project planning mode! Yesterday, I was looking for a piece to convert into printer/paper/office storage and found a pair of chairs in instead. Ohio has been the land of chairs, since we've been here, I've bought 5 chairs. Mostly for our new house.

It is reeeeeally cold and windy here and winter hasn't started, I'm scared. Yesterday I had to fight the wind to get to the front door and when I got inside I realized that half of my shopping bag had blown out in the driveway.

BUT the thrifting is SO good!! Look at those arms!! I just about died. Getting closer, I saw the $35 price tag, I was so excited. I was on the fence because I wasn't sure about the front legs (no pic, but there is more detail on the front, I figured if it bugged me too much I could fix them somehow). Good condition, price, and there was a pair! Sold!

Project 1:

We're planning on replacing the back cushion for one that is square and no tufting. Those arms are so pretty, I don't want too much competing with them.

When I got home, I came up with a few fabric options and shared on Instagram (thanks for your input, insta friends!). I'm leaning towards a solid velvet (maybe a print on the back panel, but probably not). The stain is worn, but not horrible, I might leave it as is for now, or I might paint it white or black. 

Project 2: 

My office (in Ohio) 

Last week I worked on an article for Houzz on panels to conceal those pesky wires (see end of post for link)

I'm finally getting around to reupholstering my chair (legs have been spray painted black). 

I've narrowed it down to black and white stripe. I picked up some fabric from Ikea, it's heavy weight, like duck cloth. Has anyone used it to upholster furniture? I want to make sure the quality is good before spending time .. 

and Kravet Xu Garden (sorry for the bad photoshop, I just dropped it in there) 

Project 3: 

Also, I'm probably going to be swapping my desk for this one (found at Goodwill). If I do, I'll use my existing desk as a side table. Unfortunately the top corner is damaged so it will be easiest to paint, I'm thinking about leaving the drawers wood. We are currently without a t.v. stand so we temporarily had it here .. since then, it's been sanded and waiting for primer. 

So, tons of project ideas floating around my head! David is going to Baltimore at the end of the week for work .. so I'll have lots of time on my hands, hopefully I'll get a few things done!


Here's a first look at my office (first image is before :)! Make sure to check out my article on Houzz - how to have an open desk and hide wires! 

Remodeling, decorating, and more ∨

Home improvement can start with something as minor as installing track lighting or a ceiling fan.
Work with a home decorator when choosing floor rugs or hanging new window shades in your home.


  1. oh those chairs i vote for the dark blue #6! LOVE!

  2. Those chairs are amazing, but I'm even more smitten with that desk!! Oh. My. I loooove the lines of it! You definitely come across some amazing finds!

  3. Sarah, buy scarves, gloves, and snow boots. You're by the lake, and it sends lots of snow in Jan., Feb, and March. I'm glad your Ohio thriftiness is encouraging. Your style and design savvy are appreciated by me, an Ohioan reader.

  4. The chairs are killer! I would love to see them in that moody blue velvet with a white frame. yum!

  5. I went and read your HOUZZ article... LOVE! So brilliant!!! Thank you for coming up with and sharing your ideas. Love reading your blog!

  6. Awesome finds. The chairs are great and I love the solid velvet idea! I have used the black and white striped fabric for upholstering a chair already and it worked great.
    The desk is so awesome too.

  7. Great finds! And I love what you are thinking with those fabric finds.

  8. Wow, so many projects! Can't wait to see the outcome! I also read the HOUZZ article, what an awesome idea!

  9. Oooh, I LOVE the Xu Garden! I'd really like to have it in green someday to switch out my curtain panels in the summer, but 20 yards would be $$$$!! You know what, the orange velvet on those chairs isn't horrible if you painted the frames. At least until you find something you love, it would be kinda fun! Girl, you're getting around...Oprah...Houzz...don't forget us! :)

  10. Those chairs are so neat, I'm so glad you got them! Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  11. You're so lucky to now live in a thrifting haven. Thrifting in California is not easy (or productive). Lovely finds and honestly any one of those fabrics is spot-on. Hugs, Amy

  12. i L.O.V.E. those chairs!! They are going to be fantastic I'm positive! I'm getting ready to do some sort of panel too to hide all the wires behind the kids media area.

  13. Those chairs are fabulous! I love the idea of dark velvet for the new fabric.

  14. Love all your finds. Can't wait to see the reveals!


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