Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Our House | Update

Good news!! Everything with the house is moving along! It was a little uncertain after my first post .. the home inspection for the home that the sellers of our house are buying (still following?) didn't go very well. Luckily the major issues will be fixed - so the sellers have lifted the "home of choice contingency" (if they didn't find a home, they would have the option cancel our contract) We still don't know if we'll be able to close early (scheduled to close early January) ... hopefully the repairs on the other house will be fast, but we're not sure yet. We'd love to be in by Christmas since we'll be spending some time in MD.

Full tour when we do the final walk through (and I have my good camera), but these are a few of my favorite things (yes, I did just watch the Sound of Music :)

1. The house was thoughtfully designed. Most of the windows are on the southern exposure (good for loads of natural light) There are lots of floor to ceiling windows with a wooded lot so you aren't on top of your neighbors. This is one of the bedrooms on the first floor.

2. Upstairs loft area (my future office) Love the large windows, and I've always had a thing for lofted areas.

3. Other upstairs loft. This is off of the master bedroom. I'm not sure what we'll use it for (probably a sitting/reading room), but on the right wall (where the white filing cabinet is) we'd love to do a built in closet area or shelving for extra storage on the entire wall. There is a walk in closet on the other side of the wall, so it kinda makes sense.

You're probably wondering about the wood. Yes, we will be painting most of the ceiling (maybe not the beams) it will be A LOT of painting we'll need a sturdy ladder or scaffolding, an amazing paint sprayer and lots of patience. It will make it so much brighter!! Maybe this (white and weathered wood with warm wood elements) or this (white ceiling with natural beams) or this (white and white) Dreamy, right?

Can't wait to show you more!! We're SO excited! :)

Don't forget to follow along on the Christmas home tour this week, more info here!


  1. don't paint the beams! i LOVE them! this looks amazing- i am so excited for you!

    1. I agree!!!! Love the look of white ceiling with rustic beams.

  2. It's going to be so great in your and David's hands! Can't wait to see all you do with it!

  3. Love the lofted areas! I agree with Cassie - leave the beams! Well, at least you can paint the beams after you see how the ceiling looks. Our new house had cherry wood trim in the living room, which I worried was too heavy, but we left it and I love the way it looks now. You guys will do a great job with this house and I can't wait to see more! :)

  4. I think no matter what you'll do, it will look amazing because I love all three options you showed. I'm kinda an all white person ;) but I love the beams natural too.
    This is one exciting space to transform because it is so unique. What a gem!

  5. SO exciting! I love your inspiration images too, loads of white, with those windows? perfection!

  6. Such a cool place! The last photo totally looks like a scene from Secret Window.

  7. I am swooning over those large windows and all the ceiling detail! After a fresh coat of paint is covering it all, it will be MAGICAL! I can't wait to see what you have in store, Sarah! :)

  8. How exciting! I love those windows and all the natural light they'll let in. Those beams are pretty fantastic as well and a fresh coat of paint on the ceiling will definitely make them the star of the show, err, house :)

  9. I love the looks of the unpainted beams against the white. SO pretty!

  10. So excited to see the transformation, it has so much potential and the natural light is such a huge plus!

  11. Such a beautiful home!! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  12. I'm a little behind, but congratulations! i also just moved to MD (officially..) recently wed and new job but it will be great to see what you come up with here. welcome!

  13. Congratulations on such a dreamy home!!! I'm so inspired, can't wait to see what you do to the place! Happy Decorating!


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