Thursday, October 24, 2013

Q+A | Lindsay The White Buffalo Styling Co.

Today I have the fabulous Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Co. answering a little Q+A! Yay!! Lindsay has an incredible sense of style - it's effortless and natural yet composed and just works SO well!! She also is the queen of yard sale finds, check out this amazing $5 kilim rug that she found! I think we need to go thrifting together :) 

Here's Lindsay! 


Sarah, thank you so much for having me over today! Y'all, Sarah is so awesome. Of course you know that because you come and visit her every day, but seriously, I love her blog and style. I'm so glad to be here!

It's really hard for me to nail down one food or drink. I adore the spicy, cinnamon, and pumpkin flavors of fall. On most nights during this season, I can be found with a good cup of apple cider in hand and I've been known to add a can of pumpkin to just about everything!

My favorite way to freshen up a room is adding something unexpected or unique. Just like the reason behind my brand name, I love finding the "white buffalo" element in every room. That's something rare, not seen before, or something that just has a story. When designing, I like to start with this and then build the room around it. But, that really is the best way to freshen a room later on too! Find or create one unexpected item that will make people go, "What's that?" or "Where in the world did you find that?" I love a good conversation starter!

My favorite DIY project falls into this "white buffalo" category. I loved West Elm's accordion sconce and really wanted them for our bedroom. As a habitual DIYer, I couldn't justify the $180 price tag and really thought we could make one ourselves. We took the Frack mirror from IKEA (4.99!), a lamp kit from Home Depot, and a shade, and DIYed our little hearts out! You can read more about this project here.

Now, I just have to finish the rest of the master bedroom to go with it!

Y'all, I have so many DIY fails. You have to take risks to end up with the good stuff and risks can also mean failure.

The one that's coming to mind is my most recent. Over the weekend, I was preparing our house for an upcoming fall tour and I had the idea to cover a frame with plaid fabric using double-sided tape. That should totally work, right?

Well, one hour and lots of frustration later, the frame wasn't done, looked horrible, and really couldn't be salvaged.

Once, I gave up, I knew how to tweak the project to get it just right, but after an hour, I didn't have any time left for this one.

Every time I fail at a DIY, I learn how to do it differently and hopefully more successfully the second time. More than that, though, I learn that taking risks is essential in good design. Sometimes you'll fail, but other times, some rare, white buffalo magic will be made.

We have been renovating a house for the last seven months and have just gotten to the decorating phase that I love. I am loving having spots in our house to FINALLY style! One of the first areas that we tackled was the kitchen. I've dreamed of a white kitchen with open shelving that could be re-styled at my every whim for years.

The White Buffalo Kitchen

Designing and styling these shelves is still one of my favorites. I chose to keep the shelves themselves fairly modern, layered them over white bead board, and then styled them with a mix of rustic, modern, and pretty touches. They're a really good mix of my eclectic style, I think.

Speaking of my eclectic style, my favorite room in our house is currently our lounge. My readers helped me re-name it recently because I was dumb and was calling it "the front room." "The Lounge" was the winner. I love it!

The White Buffalo Lounge

It's my favorite room because even though it's not finished yet, it has a really good mix of all the things I love. Navajo rug, antlers, mid-century modern chair, cozy handknitted afghan, and plants.

I am in love with all things tribal, kilim, and navajo. Every single room in our house now has a rug that fits this trend.

Our dining room has a black navajo beauty that I found clearanced for $25.

Bohemian Modern dining room

The lounge has that red navajo rug that I basically stole.

The Lounge navajo rug

The kitchen kilim is still my favorite. eBay has great rugs!


And then, as if all of the rugs weren't enough, I've been stocking up on kilim pillows. I made this pile from $2 rag rugs.


I just love the punch of color and pattern that it adds. Some of these rugs are old, some are new, but for some reason, this pattern makes me feel like the objects have a soul and story. Whether or not this trend stays popular, I think these patterned beauties will be hanging around my house for quite a while!

There are so many amazing designers that I love, but I just have to give it up for Miss Emily Henderson.


So much of my eclectic style is inspired by her. I love how she mixes different colors, patterns, and textures in a no rules sort of way. 

Thanks so much for having me, Sarah! I loved stopping by :)


ooh how gorgeous is Lindsay's West Elm accordion lamp hack!? I love West Elm, but I prefer Lindsay's version! That would be perfect for our current bedroom since it is so tight!! 

Her kitchen is also stunning!! LOVE the open shelving and mixed metals! and that rug is fabulous!! I want :) 

Thanks so much Lindsay, such a pleasure having you today!! 

If you're new to Lindsay's blog, make sure to check out her home tour and tutorials page


  1. Thank you so much for having me, Sarah!!! Loved being here :)

  2. Just popping over from Lindsay's blog---glad she was featured! You are so right about her having an effortlessly pulled together style.

  3. I love Lindsay's home! She has some amazing DIY projects.

  4. Love your home and all your creative DIYs! Great Q&A

  5. awesome interview! love lindsay and her home and her love for all things tribal!

  6. I just love Lindsay and her fun eclectic style! She is true to herself and it shows!


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