Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Q+A | Kristin Bliss at Home

Today's the last day of the Q+As - hopefully you found a few more blogs to follow or learned a little more about your favorite bloggers!! Last, but definitely not least, I have the fabulous Kristin from Bliss at Home! Kristin has so many great rooms in her house, but I think my favorite is her entryway - those horizontal stripes, gold sconces, and grid of frames really make the space! I also love that her house is primarily black, white and neutral with pops of colors ... sound weird coming from me? I might be going a little more neutral this time around. MAYBE, we will see - I have lots of ideas in my head :) 

Kristin makes black, white, neutral and pops of color look SO good!!

Here's a little more about Kristin. 

I can't help myself but I love the PSL. Hold the whipped cream and get it with non-fat milk and it is still delicious!! It's pretty much fall in a cup.

My fave fall food is a plate of sliced honey crisp apples with a little warm caramel drizzled over them.

I love to bring the outdoors in. Whatever is from the yard or in season. Flowers, branches, fruit, rocks...anything goes. It can make me smile just seeing some flowers in a vase. If it is a rock my kids picked up from the hiking trail it finds a place on a bookshelf and those become happy little memory triggers.

This image is from our Modern + Fresh Fall Home Tour. The branches are from our yard and the pumpkins bring in the seasonal touch.

The first time we did our kitchen cabinets. I groan just thinking about it! We used a new product and it didn't deliver as it had boasted...so we had to sand them down and start all over...sometimes it just pays to do it the tried and true way and not try something because it claims to save you a step or is supposed to be faster.

I've also learned to have patience when I'm making over furniture. I've walked away from a project when I'm not feeling it. I love doing it, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to do it right. If I'm not feeling it, I walk away and wait a day or two and take my time. I wait until I find it enjoyable again.

My hands down favorite project is our library wall. It was something we all worked on together and we all enjoy it now. 

I also love the black+white abrstract art I made with my boys. I actually had someone email me asking to buy it believe it or not! I had to say no of course, because my precious little people helped me make it and it is something we all love. 

Plaid has always been a fave of mine--especially this time of year. I just added some plaid euro shams to our bed that I made out of stadium blankets and they just add the right amount of color and pattern to our room.

There are so many!! I could give you a list 50 designers long!! I adore Celerie Kemble, Kelly Wearstler, Mary McDonald, Jonathan Adler, Emily Henderson...just to name a few.


Love Kristin!! How great is her library wall!? If I didn't know, I would have never guessed that it is made from Ikea bookcases, it looks like custom built-ins!!! It's SO good! 

Also, I completely agree on Krisitin's DIYing advice - if I'm tired and getting frustrated, I walk away and come back when I'm feeling more refreshed. I make less mistakes and it turns out better in the end :)  

Thanks so much for sharing Kristin!! 

If you're new to Kristin's blog, make sure to check out her projects page and home tour!

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  1. I agree her built-in wall is amazing. But hey Kristin and everything she does turns out AmAzing!

  2. Kristin always knocks it out of the park! Love her style.

  3. I love love love her style and she's one of my favorites!!!

  4. I just love Kristin's style. She is one of my new favorites :)

  5. i love kristin and LOVE her bedroom!!!!! seriously i want it.

  6. I love the entryway as well! so well done. thanks for the Q&A!

  7. Kristin is amazing and I'm still in love with those bookshelves!

  8. Love Kristin and that library wall is ridiculous...in such an amazing way! Love it!

  9. Thanks for having me Sarah :) This was such a fun series!! xo Kristin


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