Monday, October 28, 2013

Q+A | Kelly View Along the Way

There just are a few more Q+As and I have a real treat for you! Kelly from View Along the Way is funny, super sweet and SUPER talented! She is the DIY queen - find endless inspiration here. Also, I love her style - it feels comfortable and live able, but really pulled together. She was recently published in BHG for her AMAZING laundry room. With a stunning room like that - I think that I'd want to do laundry every day :)  

Here's Kelly

Mix pumpkin and chocolate together in any form, and I will eat EVERY LAST BITE before you can even taste it, cookie-monster-style. I'm sorry. I can't help it. I hope we can still be friends. (P.S.: Here's the recipe for my favorite *healthy* pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. YUMMM.)

Pillows! Pillows with fun textures and patterns! Switch out your pillows for something different and you'll feel like you're living in a whole new place. That's why I say you can never own too many pillows. My husband would say you can never throw enough pillows OFF the couch and onto the floor, but don't listen to him. More info on Kelly's living room here.

I hate to brag, but I am the queen of DIY fails. :) Like this attempt at butt-stamp painting. (Yep. It was as ridiculous as it sounds.) Or this attempt at angled painted stripes. (It was going to be SO GOOD in my head.) My big lesson is this: if you're not creating DIY fails, you're just not doing enough projects. I like to have a good laugh at myself and then post about what I did anyway. If nothing else, you can at least learn what doesn't work. (What doesn't work: toddler heinies as art. Trust.)

We're in the middle of redoing our foyer, so we just got a new rug, turned a $3 headboard into a Hollywood Regency-style bench...

and built this little DIY fretwork console table.

I'm excited for this redo because I'm really branching out and using color in a way that I never have before. It's scary but freeing to decide to decorate for what YOU love instead of what you think your friends or neighbors would like. (Here are my six decorating rules to live by.)

 I have a THING for navy velvet. I don't know what it is: I just want to wrap my face in it.

Source: Designed by Sara Gilbane Interiors via Lonny Magazine

And I've never met a kilim I didn't like.

 Jonathan Adler. Nate Berkus. Miles Redd. Amber Interior Design. Jenny Komenda.

 *THANKS so much for letting me crash your beautiful blog for a day, Sarah!*


How great is Kelly!!? I've loved following her recent foyer posts - that headboard turned bench is pure genius! It looks like it's always been a bench, which is always the best kinda DIY!

Thanks so much for stopping by today Kelly!

If you're new to Kelly's blog, make sure to check out her home tour and projects page - you'll find endless inspiration!!


  1. Love Kelly! She is truly amazing and all of her posts are always written with the same humor as mine. She can write up something funny about anything. Her foyer is so pretty!

  2. Killer DIY's Kelly! Nice to learn some more about you!

  3. oh yes navy velvet!!! love! and i love kelly- she is HYSTERICAL and stylish and sweet! best kind of friend to have with the perfect combination of qualities!

  4. I love her front foyer rug and that bench!! I couldn't believe what it started from! She is a gret DIY queen and very funny too! Love to read posts with lots of humor and great content! She does both!

    House Envy


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