Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Q+A | Julia Cuckoo 4 Design

Today I'm welcoming Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design to answer a little Q + A!! Julia is one of the warmest and supportive people that I've e-met, AND she is super talented and creative too!! Her home tour was recently featured on Young House Love - I love all of the personal quirky touches. It doesn't look anything like those boring "room in a box" where all of the furniture is matchy matchy, but looks gathered and carefully composed over time.

Here's a little more about Julia :)


Thank you so much for having me on your blog today Sarah. I'm so thrilled to be here because you of all people know how much I adore you and your style. I mean I have (almost) been stalking...uhm I mean following you since the beginning. The moment I found your blog I knew that you were going to hit it big. You are one of the most talented bloggers I know.

Here I go:

My husband's pumpkin pie is the best. He makes everything from scratch with a lot of spices in it and I never tasted a better one. I have tried many since my sister-in-law owns a bakery but he still beats them all. He will probably write a post about it soon.

As for a drink I love German "Gl├╝hwein" which is a hot spiced wine. Yum and it's perfect for cold fall and winter days.

I love adding fresh flowers to a room but I think most home decor bloggers would say that. They totally add beauty to any room. Since I have an orchid obsession, I never have a shortage of fresh flowers in my house.

But if I would have to pick something else then it is a fresh coat of paint which isn't a quick fix, but one with the biggest impact for a small amount of money. Freshly painted white trim and crown molding is my favorite. So clean and pretty!

Uh oh, I actually just failed with a vinyl decal project in my kitchen. I wasn't sure if I wanted backsplash or not so I made a small patterned decal. I hated it and I'm still busy trying to peel it off the wall. But I'm glad that I did it because now I'm completely sure that I'm content with not having an entire tiled backsplash in my kitchen.

I learned that you should never regret a project after it failed. It just happens.

My favorite thing in my house right now are my brand new Quartz countertops and my painted counter stools. I cut down the half wall in my kitchen and relocated the outlets myself. So it's totally one of my favorite projects ever because it has such a big impact on our layout.

And you know that I love my DIY outdoor cat enclosure for our furry children even though it's not that pretty to look at.

My powder room with it's sharpie striped walls and gold polka dot ceiling is also on the top of my list.

I have a huge crush on leopard again. It just comes and goes. I want to add it back into my home but finding the right type of leopard has been challenging.

You ;) and if I should name someone else, I'd have to say Jonathan Adler, Genevieve Gorder, Emily Henderson, David Bromstad( he's totally the cutest)...do I have to make up my mind?...There are just so many good ones.

Thank you so much and come see me sometimes at Cuckoo4Design.


Julia - you're making me blush :) Seriously, you're too sweet!

Can you believe that she took out a wall and relocated the outlets in her kitchen by herself!? I'm impressed!! Looks amazing too - love the fresh white with the mint pendant!! Also, LOVE her enclosed outdoor kitty walk. I know my cats (living with my parents, would hate me forever if I moved them around that often!) would be obsessed with that!!

If you're new to Julia's blog, make sure to check out her home tour and projects page!!

Thanks so much Julia!! 


  1. Love Julia and totally agree she is one of the most supportive bloggers out there! I can't believe she did all that to her kitchen either, she's got skills!

  2. Julia's the best :) I totally love her style and her home! xo Kristin

  3. i totally agree about julia- she is so the real deal and so talented!!! love her home and love her!

  4. Great set of Q&As. Julia really is the real deal!

  5. Geesh, now I'm blushing! Thanks to you Sarah and all my wonderful blog friends up there!
    Thank you so so much!!

  6. Those stools are so cute. And I love that mirror!

  7. Agree with you, Sarah, Julia couldn't be sweeter or more supportive. And her home is so pretty and unique!

  8. I love me some Julia. Awesome home and I those bar stools keep being on my mind. Julia rocks!!!

  9. her counter stools are adorable. and that cat enclosure is beyond cool, my cats dream of something like that i'm sure!

  10. Love love love Julia and her home! Why haven't I noticed those gorgeous Quartz countertops before!?! They are stunning! I swear every time I see her house tour I notice something new...love that!

  11. Love Julia and her beautiful home! She is so creative I am always so impressed!!!

    K.R Dixon Designs

  12. Julia is totally my sister from another mister! Her sharpie wall is still one of my fav projects ever. Plus I love her furniture makeovers. She's just so good:)


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