Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Q+A | Jennifer Dimples and Tangles

I'm so happy to welcome the amazing Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles today!! Jennifer loves color, pattern and contrast, so naturally we're friends :) Her mirror gallery wall was recently featured in Ladies Home Journal and for good reason - I love that the frames go floor to ceiling and that all of the frames are green. I think one of the most common issues with hanging frames is that they are hung too high. When in doubt, try going floor to ceiling like Jennifer did - it always looks good!! (for the most part :)

Read on to learn a little more about Jennifer.

Hi everyone!  I'm so happy to be visiting here at Sarah's today while she is busy packing up and moving!  I'm sure we all agree just how fabulous her projects are. I 've been a quiet follower of Sarah's since way back when she painted her blue moroccan rug, but ever since her journey on Creating with the Stars I hate to miss a post and am so happy to call her a blog friend.  I also love following her on Instagram and living vicariously through her as she spends time on the beach, and I can't wait to see what great new projects her new home brings!

Warm Homemade Pumpkin Bread with walnuts, raisins and a cold glass of milk!

via Spoonful

Rearranging the furniture and switching out the pillows.  It costs little to nothing and can give your room a whole new feel.  It's such a blessing to know how to sew, and it's all too easy to whip up new sets of pillows.  Such a small change that can make a big difference!

Well, my most recent DIY fail was the top of my dining room table that I just refinished.  I had already spent hours stripping it, sanding it and staining.  Then, somehow between the coats of poly the finish got streaky and cloudy spots in it.  I waited a few days hoping it just wasn't fully dry, but no luck.  I ended up re-stripping the top and starting over.  

I learned that you can't rush a refinishing project!  Even though the can said "fast-drying, allow 3-5 hours of drying time in between coats", I didn't wait long enough.  I've since learned to wait at least overnight, if not 24 hours or so between coats of stain and poly. I finally got it right!

I've said before that my favorite project is always the one I've just finished, so right now that would be my Dining Room!  About two years ago I sold our big, heavy, matched set of Dining Room furniture and started putting the room back together DIY piece by DIY piece.  As I sit at the table working on this post right now, I'm loving the result!

Another favorite would be the ceiling fans in my kids' rooms that I painted.  They worked great and are a necessity where we live, but they were just ugly and dated.  Now they are a unique, personalized conversation piece in their rooms!

Oh, where do I start?  I love, love, love fabrics!  Two of my favorites right now-

Robert Allen Malakos & Kravet Xu Garden
I can never get enough of graphic prints, and can you tell what my favorite color is?  I have a few yards of the Malakos waiting on me right now for a project.

Several come to mind.  Every room that Tobi Fairley does is gorgeous.  I've had this page ripped out of Southern Living (and on my Pinterest board) for years.  

Also, I really love Jenny Komenda's style.  In my book, anything she touches turns to gold...  

Oh, and Emily Henderson. Duh.  

I'd love to have you all visit me sometime at Dimples and Tangles.  Sarah, thanks again for inviting me over today!  


LOVE Jennifer's dining room - it is just fabulous! I adore the collected look, Chang Mai fabric and green hutch!! Also, love Kravet's Xu Garden, I have the pink laying around waiting to become draperies, a pillow or an upholstery project!

Thanks so much for sharing Jennifer!

If you're new to Jennifer's blog, make sure to stop by and check out her home tour!!


  1. Thanks for the introduction Sarah, Jennifer has great style!

  2. Loved seeing your answers Jennifer! Sarah, I 'm interested to see these new digs! xo Kristin

  3. i just love jennifer- she has AMAZING style and that dining room proves it! and i would like to enjoy some of that bread with her.

  4. I looooove Jennifer's dining room. Oh and I'm totally crushing on the Robert Allen fabric too. Gorgeous

  5. Thanks so much for having me today, Sarah! I'm loving everyone's Q+As, but we're ready to have you back, too! :)

  6. Awesome feature!! Awesome job Jennifer. I can never get enough of her awesome home:)

  7. Jennifer is such an inspiration, sweet soul and talent all bundled together. I love her use of colors and patterns and nobody does bright green as good as she does. I love warm pumpkin bread too and a glass of milk.

  8. One of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer has a great eye for detail! I love her home!

  9. Love Jennifer's style and her use of color & fabric! Wish I had some pumpkin bread right now. :)

  10. Fun series, Sarah! I love Jennifer's inspiring DIYs, colorful home, and kind ways! :)

  11. Love Jennifer and I will never tire from seeing her dining room. It is just so beautiful! And i love all the designers she mentioned, too! Right up my alley!

  12. I love her dining room!! I remember drooling over those chairs!! She has a great blog! Thanks for sharing

    House Envy


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