Monday, October 7, 2013

Q+A | Gwen The Makerista

Through rain, sleet, snow and wind we arrived in Ohio yesterday!! It wasn't exactly the drive that we had planned since all of the national parks were closed, but we are thankful to have made it safely! I'm feverishly looking for a rental so that we can get out of the hotel - wish me luck!
Today we're continuing the Q+A with the fabulous Gwen - The Makerista!! Gwen has impeccable taste and really knows how to pull a room together. Getting all of the details just right for magazine worthy images really takes a trained eye, and Gwen definitely has that! Her daughter's nursery was recently featured on Apartment Therapy - I love the pattern mixing, floor to ceiling drapes, and how adding a simple trim gives a custom, high end look!   

Read on to learn a little more about Gwen.

When fall rolls around, I love to eat more comforting foods.  Pumpkin pie and cinnamon rolls are often at the top of that list.  Yes, I have a sweet tooth.

I think adding a plant or some fresh-cut flowers can add such life to any space!  I shared a list of easy and affordable plants I have in my own home here

There have been so many!  I think the biggest lesson I have learned is prep is really important, and as much as I want to skip it or do the minimum, it never pays to take shortcuts in this area!  Whether it's painting or sewing, prep is always the keep to quality work, so take the time to clean, sand, fill, iron and you will be thankful for it in the end!

A party counts as a project, right?  As much as I love decorating my home, I love putting together a party too.  Decorating for a party is great because it's so much less commitment.  It only lasts a few hours, so I feel like I can be more free with everything, not worrying whether I'll like it in a few months.  My daughter, Milly's, first birthday party was a blast to throw.  The swing we made as her gift was something I really enjoyed too. 

I will always love my Orangerie, but I would love to add some of Scalamandre's Zebra's to the mix.

Favorite designer?  This is such a tricky question.  There are so many people that I admire.  As a fellow Kansas Citian, I have always followed Kate Spade and as the brand evolved, I have fallen more and more in love with their mix and saturated colors.  My favorite way to follow designers is on Instagram and right now I am especially loving,, and  All of these woman are beautifully daring in their design and that is something I am so strongly drawn to!


I definitely agree that not skimping on the prep work is the key to project success (I've learned that the hard way!)  and those DIY paper roses for Milly's 1st birthday!? Amazing!! Makes me want to plan a party right now :)

If you're new to Gwen's blog, make sure to check out her blog and home tour!!

Thanks so much for sharing Gwen!!


  1. WOW, yes those paper roses are gorgeous!

  2. i need to come to a makerista party- they look amazing!

  3. She knows how to throw a party, love those flowers!


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