Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Q+A | Brittany - Brittany Makes

Today I have the insanely talented Brittany from Brittany Makes today answering a little Q+A!! Where do I start!? Everything that Brittany touches turns to gold! Seriously, she has crazy good DIY skills - upholstery (fabulous upholstered headboard - love the fabric!), sewing (amazing striped pillows - definitely want to try soon!), building (beautiful x benches), and furniture rehabs (perfect coral dresser - seriously I neeeed to find one just like it so I can do the same thing :), she can do it all AND the end result is super professional!

Brittany's participating in Home Depot's Holiday Style Challenge, and I cannot wait to see what she comes up with - it's going to be amazing!!

Here's Brittany :)

Have you tried Coffee-Mate's peppermint mocha creamer? It's amazeballs! Ironically I drink it year-round. People give me judgy looks when I drink it in warmer months (my husband included), but once Fall hits I'm accepted back into society and the world is good again. My second favorite fall beverage is a newbie - Starbucks' new Chocolate Chai - ZOMG its delicious. Sorry PSL lovers.


Does making my bed count as a DIY? Totally kidding. Although it is a perfect way to freshen your bedroom! But let's be real, I think the easiest way to freshen up a room is by fluffing or tossing in new pillows. And my favorite quick DIY? Making new pillows. I can't tell you how many pillow covers I've made while watching New Girl. I switch them up frequntly and stash away old favorites to bring out at any time. Pillows are the simplest accessory to modify or update the vibe and color scheme of any room. Striped pillow tutorial here.

striped geometric pillow-001

Recently I tried to make giant antlers from clay, that was a fail because one, they wouldn't fit in my oven, and two, they were just bad, oh so bad. But my biggest DIY fail, which is something we have to live with every day, is the extension cabinet in our kitchen. I didn't mention it in my blog, but I totally screwed up on the angle when I cut the butcher block. It's barely noticeable to guests, but I know it's there! I know the exact moment when I was like "eh {shoulder shrug} can't find the protractor so I'll just use cardboard." Lesson learned, measure your angles!

kitchen cabinet2

Tough question! My favorite project is usually the project I just completed. I love my headboard, and I love my gallery wall. I pretty much love my entire bedroom most because its the first space in our home that feels complete. I'm probably at risk of my readers becoming sick of all my bedroom posts.

My crush for Scalamandre Leopard silk velvet fabric will never end, mainly because I'll never be able to afford it at $330/yard. It's so beautiful, yet so unattainable. *le sigh*

But on a more affordable scale, I'm lusting for all kinds of jewel toned velvets right now. I have 2 chairs in hand waiting to be made over in a luscious emerald green.

jewel velvet

But if I had to crush on some pattern, it has to be the Marimekko Tuuli fabric. Sarah teased me/us with when she revealed her recent tufted headboard tutorial! There are so many fabrics out there its hard to keep them straight!

marimekko tuuli

I adore many designers and get inspiration from SO MANY talented ladies, but Emily Henderson just kills it (and me) every. single. time. I'm obsessed with the level of detail in her work, she truly knows how to execute her visions, which is by far the hardest part of being a designer.

Thank you so much Sarah for letting me ramble on your blog today! You're a rock star! Have a blast on your road trip to a new/old home :)


Ok, how great is Brittany!? I will never tire of seeing her gorgeous bedroom, it is perfection!! More posts please :)

I too am not a huge fan of Starbuck's PSL ... that Chocolate Chai sounds amazing, I'll have to try it!

If you're new to Brittany's blog, make sure to check out her projects + tutorials page!!

Thanks so much for stopping by Brittany!! 


  1. LOVE me some brittany! her style is amazing and i think she is right up there with emily. her bedroom is to die for!

  2. Love me some Brittany. She's not only insanely talented but also so sweet and fun!
    And I want her bedroom ;)

  3. Velvet is my new obsession, but where in the world do you find affordable upholstery velvet?

  4. Thank you for sharing Brittany's blog! Her DIY projects are amazing and her bedroom is soooo gorgeous. Such an inspiration!

  5. what a great q&a - her bedroom looks amazing. excited to check out more!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. I will never get tired of your bedroom, Brittany!

  7. Nah we wont get tired of your bedroom! I love the jewel tone velvets too! Just got a green velvet couch for my new front room revamp and am so excited!!

  8. Love her pillow and I also screwed up with some DIY porjetcs that I never put on my blog :(


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