Thursday, October 17, 2013

Q+A | Bethany Dwellings by Devore

 I'm so happy to have the fun and talented Bethany from Dwellings by Devore today! Bethany has SO many great DIYs and a fabulous style!! I absolutely adore Bethany's girly office and would love to borrow a few ideas for my next office :) Bethany really understands scale and balance which really helps to pull a space together and give a polished look!

Here's a little more about Bethany.

I'm a big fan of pumpkin spice lattes and pretty much anything else pumpkin related.  I also really love the salted caramel chai from Trader Joe's that comes out during the holiday season, it's so good!  

De-clutter, rearrange, and add a little something new.  Sometimes all it takes is a few new throw pillows and rearranging the things you already have to make things feel fresh again.  I know a lot of people say this, but adding fresh flowers or greenery really makes a huge difference too.  I usually pick up a half a dozen roses at the grocery store while I'm there.  I pop them in a vase when I get home and it instantly makes things feel fresh and more alive. 

My biggest (almost) DIY fail was my nailhead table.  It actually turned out fine in the end, but things got worse before they got better.  I ran into a few problems with the stripper I used and then the painting was a nightmare.  I learned the importance of sticking with a project even when things go south.  Sometimes you just want to throw in the towel, but if it seems salvageable it's usually a good idea to stick with it and see it through.  You may end up loving it, which is what happened with my table. More info here

I'm really happy with how my entryway makeover turned out.  It was something I decided to do on a whim one Saturday while my daughter was napping.  It was practically free since I had all the supplies and I was able to finish it in a few hours.  It really brightens up that area of our home and makes me happy whenever I walk by it.

I also really love how my DIY nailhead desk turned out.  I made it from a door that someone else had kicked to the curb.  I really enjoy being able to take something old and make it new again.

I'm loving black and white stripes right now.  I like that they are on trend, but really classic too.

Nate Berkus has been a favorite of mine for a long time.  I know most of us swoon over all of his pieces at Target too.  I love the way he mixes metals and uses texture to create a lot of interest in his spaces. 


I'm also obsessed with Trader Joe's salted carmel chai ... too bad we don't have a TJ's nearby anymore, guess I'll have to stock up when I'm near one :) 

Bethany's style is super polished and pulled together AND she has great DIYs, I just love her nailhead tables (I'd love to try it!) and her new entry using materials that she had on hand. Those are always the best! :)  

Thanks for sharing today Bethany!! 

If you're new to Bethany's blog, make sure to check out her home tour and projects page 


  1. Love Bethany! I actually have had a secret crush on her rooms way back in Rate my Space times years ago. Yup that's the first time I crossed paths with her and I loved her style ever since. This was actually a well kept secret of mine but now it's out there ;)

  2. i just love bethany! she's adorable and sweet and man, she has some serious style! i LOVE that office, too and that desk!!! she's amazing.

  3. Dwellings by Devore has been a long time favorite of mine!!

  4. Great Q&A Bethany! Erin @ house Envy


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