Monday, October 21, 2013

Q+A | Anneke This, That & Life

Happy Monday! Today I have the insanely talented Anneke from This, That & Life answering a little Q+A! Anneke really has an eye for finding dated pieces on Craigslist and transforming them into stunning modern pieces. I want to take so many of them home with me!! She recently started selling her gorgeous furniture makeovers at Roots of Gratitude, in Snohomish, WA - so if you're local, make sure to check it out!

Anneke just moved into a beach house and I LOVE all of her coastal touches, it is just SO pretty! Make sure to take a look! Can I move in!? Please? :)

Here's a little more about Anneke.

Well, I'm pretty passionate about food actually and love to try new things, but as for fall, a good home made hot apple cider with a cozy blanket and book seems to be happy place for me. {I should probably mention I'm the mama of 3 semi-little ones, so I take what I can get!} must try recipe 


As for quick DIYs, there is seriously nothing more impactful than paint.....whether it is a piece of furniture, walls, a mirror, etc. paint has a way to make a BIG difference! A great example was our Office Makeover. OR if you don't want to get too dirty, change out your rug, either new or a craigslist score! 

Oh my gosh I have more DIY fails than I care to admit, but I think the biggest takeaway is to just accept that no one is perfect and we sometimes try things that flat out don't work. Don't be afraid to say, "Well, that didn't work...." and go from there.Here's one time I shared about a mistake, and another time I tried to save money and bought too small of a rug. FYI.....don't buy a too small of rug!

Hands down, my number #1 fave project was our Beach House project last year, with 5 reveal posts after months of hard work! It's really multiple projects in one, but a very satisfying experience! I learned SO much.

I'm totally on a kilim/tribal kick ~ whether it's a rug, scarf, etc. it makes me happy. On the other hand, camo and lace is a close second. ;-)  via instagram

It's so hard to choose these days with the amazing talent and giftedness out there, but I have to say I absolutely love Sarah from The Yellow Cape Cod. I connect with her style and approach toward design and learn as much from her as I can! 

Ok, how amazing is Anneke's house!? I'm crazy about of the coastal colors and textures - so so pretty!! Also, I love the GORGEOUS water pics on her Instagram feed, makes me miss the west coast! 

Definitely agree about not downsizing your rug when trying to save money, when in doubt, always go a little larger and save money elsewhere! 

If you're new to Anneke's blog, make sure to check out some of her furniture makeovers!

Thanks so much for stopping by Anneke!!


  1. Thanks for the intro, I'm going to check out her blog. That view from the beach house is amazing!!

  2. Oh I am headed over! That view is insane!! i can't even imagine waking up to I stare out the window at my glorious retention pond view:) LOL!

    House Envy

  3. Every time I see photos of Anneke's house, I feel totally unhappy in mine. I think that's a totally normal reaction when you see that view. So gorgeous!

    1. Julia! Stop it!!! Oh my gosh, don't! Lol ~ next time you head to Germany please pack me in your bag so I can enjoy those views. Love ya! ;-)

  4. i love anneke- she is so sweet and gorgeous! and her home is so inviting and cozy! i LOVE it!

  5. I love Anneke! She has great style and besides that seems like the sweetest person ever! Her beach house view is to die for!!!


    1. Thank you Kayla ~ that really means a lot to me! Have a great day girl! :-)

  6. Thank you SO much for having me Sarah!!! Sounds like I need to have a Beach Party??? ;-)


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