Friday, October 18, 2013

Housing Update

Happy Friday!! We've been in Ohio for almost 2 weeks. We are semi-settled, but will have to wait a few more weeks to really be settled.

We're staying in a vacation rental resort that has a rec center with an indoor pool, gym, etc., restaurant, and other stuff like that. Why are we staying here you might ask? Well David's job is right on lake erie, so it's basically only vacation rentals, and to clarify further, vacation rentals that are furnished by the owner, not a neutral, will appeal to most people, but with very... umm ... personal choices. Lets just say that I wasn't a fan. Also, we've found that the area isn't very dog friendly (had to sneak Annabelle into a few hotels - good thing she is quiet), so finding a place (other than the duck hunting lodges, yes think Duck Dynasty) that would accept her was very hard.

They have a few options for housing, we're staying in a small cottage. Well actually, we're in an un updated one until ours is finished. The one we're moving into will have a dishwasher and washer/dryer and most importantly will be unfurnished. If you're like me, it's important to have your own furniture.

We're are supposed to move in at the end of the month, so lets hope that happens. Halloween is a HUGE deal around here, so all of the construction has halted to prepare for the events at the resort this weekend. No offense to anyone who loves Halloween, but I could care less - finish our place please :)

I wanted to wait to show pics when all the construction mess was cleared out, but I couldn't keep you waiting that long, so here are a few pics from my iphone. I snuck in when they were out.

Through the front door, you walk into the dining room and there is a deck out the back door.

To the right is the living room and stairs up to the loft.

The kitchen is on the right. We would love to put an island on the left since there is limited counter space. (bathroom at the end of the hall)

To the right of the kitchen is the tiny bedroom, room for a queen bed, two small nightstands and a dresser at the foot of the bed against the wall.

At the top of the stairs, looking down at the living room.

and the loft upstairs. I'm planning to use this as my office ...

So before we can move in, the appliances, baseboard, and countertops need to be installed. They're planning on installing new windows after we move in ...

It's small and not perfect, but since we moved to a smaller city, we had less options so I think it will work for a few months. How bad do you want to paint that ceiling and trim white!? Hopefully we'll be able to do a few diys to the unit while we're here...

So that's where we're at now, still in transition, but hopefully settled in a few weeks!

I have a few more Q+As next week and then hopefully it will be back to usual! :)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Thanks for sneaking in the pictures! I am definitely DYING to paint that stuff white! I have no doubt you'll work your magic and make this place quite wonderful for the few months you are going to be there. I hope they get working on your place soon! Forget Halloween, you need a home!! ;)

  2. Oh I've been so anticipating some pictures of the place. Yes to white trim. Did you show the owners your blog? They'd be stupid not to accept any ideas or DIYs from you.

  3. Oh, what a cozy little spot! I think this will be a perfect home for you guys for a few months, and I know you'll enjoy sprinkling some of your personality into it!

  4. Love the little sneak peeks after all I've been hearing about this place. You will make it yours and it will be fab! xo Kristin

  5. Glad you are starting to get settled. I'm with you, I could care less about Halloween. Hopefully they'll let you do stuff to the new place? They should take any improvements/advice you offer them! :)

  6. It's really cute! I would be wanting to paint that trim white too. I'm sure if they saw your blog they would let you do whatever you wanted to! :)

  7. Can't wait for all the projects to start up! I bet you have a million visions rolling around in your head! How exciting!

    House Envy

  8. I actually think your new place is really awesome! I know without a doubt that once you get your hands on a paint brush itll be spectacular! Cant wait to see it all go down:)


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