Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gold Pharmacist Lamp + My new favorite gold spray paint

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I'm not going to lie ... October has been a little rough on us, don't get me wrong, we are very blessed and thankful that we're all healthy and have a roof over our heads, but being in transition is tough. Having your home - your "safe haven", where you have everything and know where everything is, etc. helps you feel like you can take on anything the world can throw at you.

We're still in a (furnished) unit (with all of our belongings (in boxes), including our furniture) waiting for ours to be finished ... we'll be moving in in a week or so ... or we'll be looking elsewhere. Needless to say, it's really tight in here - especially since this place is smaller than our last. We'll be moving some things into a storage unit, once we unpack and see what we really need for the next few months.

Just wanted to share since I haven't been commenting (on other blogs) or responding to comments here as much as I have been. So a HUGE thank you for sticking with me while we get things sorted out!  You all are the best :)

We may have limited space, but that hasn't stopped us from working on projects!!

A week or so ago, I picked up this little lamp at Home Goods. I haven't been near a Home Goods since we lived in Tennessee, so I was beyond excited to be back!! I picked up a yellow console table and this black and silver lamp. Great shape, but why it's two colors .. I'm not sure .. something that small should be just one color, just saying :)

But it had great lines and was only $30. I haven't found one under $80, so I was sold!

First, I sanded it with a fine sanding block, wiped it off, and taped the cord and and where the light bulb goes.

I then primed with my favorite bonding primer - Zinsser Cover Stain, it sticks really well, and once dry has a thick durable coat.

I picked up Brittany Makes favorite gold spray paint at Blick Art Supply when we drove through Chicago. It's a professional artist spray paint, but formulated to stick to almost everything.

Brittany's recommendation definitely didn't fall short! It adhered and covered well, the color was perfect - not too yellow/green and not too rosy, just in the middle, but definitely on the warmer side. This is my go to gold now!

On a funny side note, I was holding the paint can in my legs as I bent down I hit the nozzle against my stomach and the paint went straight through my shirt .. it did come off .. eventually :)

I did one light coat and then a second.

I LOVE how it turned out! Definitely worth a little extra money for the spray paint! It's about $8 vs $4.

I just love it - it makes me smile :)

Did you catch the little sneak peak of our new project? Check back soon for details, but the tutorial will be on Houzz shortly!


  1. Isn't crazy good what a little gold can do! Looks awesome!!

  2. Pretty pretty pretty!! I love it! Such a pretty gold color. Did it look as pretty on your tummy? haha- I could see myself doing that same thing :)

  3. Sorry the transition has been tough, but a trip to HG can always put a smile on anyone's face. :) Love the lamp!! I used Montana spray paint on my chandy and LOVE it. Totally worth the cost.

  4. Looks beautiful Sarah!! I'm going to have to try that spray paint.

  5. BEAUTIFUL! & a great idea.. I have been stalking places with those type of lamps.. my current favorite is as West Elm for $79. So maybe I'll do another look around & get some of that lovely spray paint as well.

  6. So pretty. Yet again proof that spray paint can make just about anything awesome!!

  7. Really beautiful! Definitely a paint I've been wanting to try. I'm glad you're still working on some things. I'm sure that helps in the interim. Thinking about you all, Sarah!

  8. Hi Sarah,

    Can you tell me the full name of the Montana Gold paint? I'm trying to order online and finding all kinds of shades!

    1. Hi Sarah! When I was at the store, they only had one gold - looking at the website I think it is gold chrome (metallic) the can just says montana gold though

  9. Hang in there. I hope you get to move in next week. Love how the gold lamp turned out and the sneak peak is fabulous!

  10. Gosh I love that looks great! And I really feel for you in this transition period. It's a tough thing to go through. I hope everything starts to fall into place soon! :)

  11. I think a good gold sp is priceless! That truly is a fantastic color, I need to try it! It totally transforms your lamp...oh so chic!

  12. love it! what a great find and transformation :)

  13. LOVE it! What a great find + transformation. Good luck with your upcoming move :)

  14. that is a perfect happy for the recommendation!

  15. Welcome to OH-IO! I'm sure it's a a big adjustment especially with what the weathers been like! Good luck

  16. love that it is so shiny! I would never guess that was spray painted! Looks great! Love it against all the white too!

    House Envy

  17. Looks like a great gold! And he lamp looks like it was always that color - great results! And, um, the headboard?!?!

  18. I've been wanting to try that paint ever since she first talked about it. It looks great and so professional!


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