Friday, September 27, 2013

Living Room Tour

I just realized that I never finished our individual room tours! Up next is the living room. It felt weird editing these photos since it doesn't look anything like this anymore. We sold most things in preparation to move (this Monday!) All that's left is the sofa and herringbone driftwood table and a few chairs and desk on the office side. But that's ok, more room for new projects once we move :)

Our living room is shared with the office and divided with our minty blue open shelving unit. Using mostly materials from Habitat Restore, we were able to build it for only $35!

I love how it provides extra storage and divides the room, but still feels open!

The living room seating area is grounded by a painted offset stripe rug. This was probably our quickest project - only taking a few hours! 

and on top - our most time consuming project (by far my favorite too!) the herringbone driftwood table. David milled strips of wood from beach driftwood using a chop and table saw and constructed a metal base. I get tired just thinking about how much time that took! BUT so worth it, now we'll always have a memento from our time here. 

We also refinished a caning chair, using chartreuse chalk paint and white upholstery - and added a galley wall

We painted a set of nesting tables white and added a key stenciled top. The lampshade was also stenciled with a greek key. Stenciling is one of the cheapest ways to add pattern to virtually anything! 

Updated home tour coming soon! (hopefully next week :)

I hope that you all have a great weekend! We're going to soak up the California sun while we can - so hopefully we'll be planted on the beach.

Make sure to follow our moving progress through Instagram - I'll be posting a few pics of our road trip to Ohio! 

Coming up next week, finished headboard pics, fall tour hosted by Lindsay of the White Buffalo Styling Co. and Kristen F. Davis Designs (I'm on the 2nd!), and a few guest posts from some of my favorite bloggers!  

ps. I have a few large arabesque stencils left, I've closed my Etsy shop for the move ... but would love to sell them before we move, check out through the right sidebar here or send me an email at sarahmdorseydesigns{@}gmail{.}com for more info! 

Stay tuned! :) 


and congrats to Laura O. for winning this week's giveaway! Thanks so much to all who entered!! :) 


  1. Sarah! You did such a gorgeous job, what a bright & happy chic space! I love all the DIYs - your coffee table is beyond. Very inspiring!

    xx Jana Bek

  2. I still can't believe you got rid of mostly everything. It's so gorgeous! I don't think I could have done it! I just love your living room.

  3. One of my favorite rooms! I know it must have been so hard to purge but I personally can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  4. Such a great space! And I'm glad you have so many photos to remember it. Good luck with the move!!

  5. The coffee table is wonderful. My DIY involves copying someone else's idea. Your concept for the coffee table is creative and inspired.

  6. Your space is so sweet. i'm excited to see what you do with this next place. And yay for OH, clearly I live there ;)

  7. If these are the things you are getting rid of I can't wait to see your new projects! Happy move

    House Envy

  8. Safe travels on Monday for your big move!!

  9. I can't imagine selling so much of our stuff, but I think it would be exciting to start fresh with a lot of things too! Hope you all have a really safe trip!

  10. I just don't know how you sold all of your fabulous stuff, but it will be nice to have a light move! And, we'll look forward to seeing what treasures you transform in your next home! Hope all is going well in the process!

  11. So So gorgeous Sarah! Everything is just beautiful. Ive loved seeing all these projects come to life. I cant wait to see what you do with your new space once you get settled. Wishing you safe and happy travels.

  12. Hi! Just wondering...what is the color on the walls? I'm looking for a nice mellow white for my kitchen and on my screen this looks like what I've been hoping for...Is that true? or is it more beige?


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