Thursday, September 12, 2013

Get the Look | White and Charcoal Bedroom

A few weeks ago, I found this bedroom by Haskell Harris in HGTV's July/August issue and I was instantly smitten! You probably know that I love Schumacher's Zimba fabric, (see my DIY draperies here) so that pillow grabbed me right away, but the brightness and pattern mixing really pulled me in!

I found a few products that will give a similar look. Even though there are several patterns going on, they work well together because they are all black and white and have a small scale, contrasting the large scale Zimba pillow.

Most bedding is medium to large scale, so it was tricky to find smaller scale pieces. Let me know if you have any suggestions too!

  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.  

Layering a patterned scarf on a simple white headboard is the perfect way to change up your bedding with practically no effort! 

Mix two stripes by choosing a thin vertical for the Euro sham and a wider horizontal for the coverlet/duvet. Then mix in a smaller ikat dot sham and circular bedding! 

Finally, mixing in natural tones with an antique bamboo side table and linen lamp shade help give the room a collected look, adding warmth and texture.  

I'm currently working on a design plan for a local client (met through my furniture sale!), and I think this is the perfect jumping off point for the bedroom. Her husband doesn't like anything too girly and she loves white, with punches of color + contrast, mixed with natural wood. 


p.s. I took photos of the dyed Eames chair yesterday, I'm waiting 72 hours (as recommended on the bottle) to test the color fastness. (fingers crossed that it doesn't dye our clothes!)  I think it's going to work!! Stay tuned! 


  1. Loved this bedroom too! The layered look definitely works.

  2. I love that fabric too! Schumacher seriously has the best variety of patterns.

  3. Love a good mix of patterns. That really is a great room!

  4. What a gorgeous bedroom and I love the H&M bedding

  5. That bedding looks great together! Cannot wait to see that dyed chair! Saw pics on Instagram and am so intrigued!

    House Envy

  6. Love this and what a great idea with the scarf on the headboard. So pretty!

  7. This is fun! I can't wait to see you Eames!


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