Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Driftwood Frames

Over the weekend we finished a few driftwood frames! We had extra wood from the herringbone coffee table, and David was willing to mill a little more wood (he's a saint, right?), so we decided to cover a few Ikea Ribba frames that we had laying around.

I love how they turned out!

First, we removed the glass and lightly sanded the frame. Using the miter saw, we started in the corner, cutting it at a 45. Put a little wood glue on the back and placed. Then we repeated, using straight cuts for the center.

and clamped in place until the glue set.

and that's it!

I decided to leave the inside edge of the frame black to contrast the white mat, but a fun pop of color would look great too!

Using an existing frame made a great foundation so that the frame was sturdy. 

Don't want to mill your own driftwood? Why not?? Just kidding :) a large quantity, is A LOT of work!

Try using thin hobby board from Home Depot. Poplar has a variety of wood grain, so it could give a similar effect.

Or stop by Target and check out the Threshold wooden frame, love the variety of wood! 

I love our new custom frames! We have a few more to make that we'll be selling, if you're interested, check back in a little.

and a few project updates:

I have one more driftwood project to share - we are officially out of driftwood, so this is it, no more milling our own wood, David thanks me :)

Dyeing the Eames chair is also almost done - it was a little more complex than anticipated (it always is, right?) Fingers crossed that it turns out! Look for a post with my process soon!

Finally, my posting has been a little off schedule since we're taking care of moving stuff, but hopefully I'll be back to normal in the next month or so. Thanks SO much for sticking with me! :) You're the best!


  1. Those look great! I love the idea of a pop of colour along the inside edge-- maybe neon? Or gold... Or mint... Mmmmm.

  2. these are amazing- i saw them on instagram and was drooling! :)

  3. Why would anyone NOT want to mill their own driftwood?? ;) Love the look, kind of reminds me of the natural wood frames in the Threshold line right now (which I love!). I like the BW photos next to your BW abstract too.

  4. I would love to buy some! Seriously those are beautiful. Do you ever do wrong when it comes to design and taste? Spongebobred@hotmail.com

  5. you have way more patience and math skills then me. :) these look really great!

  6. Hi Sarah,
    These are Gorgeous! Just curious, how much are you asking for them? I would love to buy them! These would be great x-mas gifts for my girlfriends! jeanna77713@gmail.com

  7. These looks so beautiful! Milling woodwork sounds like a lot of work!


  8. Oh this is once again brilliant! Looks so beautiful!

  9. Love these Sarah! love the varied wood look on most anything but it looks great next to your B/W artwork! Can't wait to see some of the other stuff you are working on!

    House Envy

  10. I love these! I know I wouldn't have the patience to try something similar, so I'll happily drool over the ones you made :)

  11. I really love these Sarah! A great way to add some natural without being too rustic! xo Kristin

  12. I love your projects! They are brillant!

  13. I LOVE these! Gosh, I think my jaw drops every time I see one of your projects! Amazing.

  14. Very cute and resourceful. Your hubs is a doll.

  15. Wow!!! I really love these! You should make more and sell them! :)

  16. These are beautiful! I'm not sure I have the patience you have, but I love the look! Driftwood is one my favorite things to decorate with.

  17. These are beautiful! Love the white + natural...one of my favorites!

  18. I love these frames! This makes me wish I lived by the ocean again!

  19. I am still waiting to snag up those driftwood frames! Are they going to be listed for sale??

  20. I am so impressed with your DIYs! Love love love this!


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