Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving Sale!

I got several emails about what we're selling (thanks SO much guys!! :)

So I decided to make a list of what we're definitely selling, definitely not selling, and things that we're maybe selling.

Items that are easily shippable have prices listed (I'll then calculate the shipping, but most will ship USPS Priority Mail for $6-$15)

Also, there are a lot of links, so if you'd like to see more info, most are on my projects page, or try the search bar on the right

I'll try to respond as quick as possible, but might not get to my emails today, so I'll plan on responding in the order received :) Feel free to send me an email at sarahmdorseydesigns{@}gmail{.}com with what you're interested in. For the larger items, we're in Pismo Beach for local pickup.

Here it goes, definitely selling:

Nesting tables with Greek Key top

Tufted headboard with nailhead and arms (might be holding)+ light gray dressers

Writing desk chair (I'm planning on keeping the desk, too many hours spent sanding :)

One of the table halves (I want to keep one ... just have to decide which one)

Long turquoise ottoman and custom cornice

Fabric wrapped table + upholstered lack ottomans (qty2)  Mirror is promised to a friend.

TV stand with pivoting door to hide electronics

Frame shelves $20 + calculated shipping (qty 3, 33" L x ~3" deep) (to install, there is a hole that goes through the 1x3, cabinet anchors screw into wall, and then glue the lip on with wood glue, hold in place till glue sets a little, then use tape to hold in place till the glue dries. I just took these down, it was easy to pop the front off and the holes in the wall were easily filled with spackle)

Stenciled round table 

Folded dome rope light $50 + calculated shipping (recommended install over a recessed light and mounted to the ceiling with small cup hooks)

Ombre frames - mat opening 11x14 print $80 + calculated shipping

Aqua tray with paper covered with clear resin, $25 + calculated shipping.

Refinished rattan chairs (qty 3) Enjoy the little things framed prints (might be holding the frames)

minty blue shelving (might be holding for a friend)

Maybe Selling:

X leg table (maybe ... still deciding, David put a lot of time into it and I really love it :) Plus it will look good pretty much anywhere ... 

Bamboo nightstands - not sure, I really love the pull out drawer (keeps things organized and off of the top!) Holding coral headboard and grasscloth nailhead feature wall

Chartreuse caning chair ... I was originally wasn't going to sell, since I was having problems finding seating that I really liked, but over the past few months I've found lots so maybe ... also I'm concerned that the caning will break in the move. Last time they damaged all my furniture ...

Not selling:

Herringbone driftwood table (TOO many hours invested in this, it will be packed well! :)

Writing desk ... hours of sanding = too hard to part with

Refinished MCM chairs ... unique and a versatile chair ... accent chair, desk chair, dining chair

Eames chairs, again lots of time invested and will go with so many things! A classic chair! 

Statement pendant

As you can see everything that we're keeping is pretty neutral and/or has a lot of time invested! 

Finally a list of everything sold or promised: square light gray tufted ottoman, chevron credenza, glass mirror, small coral dresser, white secretary with blue stenciled back, gray bookcase with stenciled back, greek key coral pin board, coral headboard with curved arms, teal ikat belgrave headboard, chartreuse sofa table, fabric wrapped rast dresser, grasscloth and nailhead feature wall, living room shams, white draperies with mint chevron border and black pom pom trim. I probably forgot some things, feel free to ask if you don't see it here :) 
Like I said above, last time the movers damaged every single piece of furniture. We did get compensated (and didn't have anything too special then), but a lot of these things have so much time invested in them ... I'd be really upset if things got broken. I'm going to be a lot more involved in making sure that they are wrapped up well!!

If you're interested in anything, Feel free to send me an email at sarahmdorseydesigns{@}gmail{.}com with what you're interested in.



  1. Ok, I'm dying to know where you're moving to! Are you getting rid of so much to make things easier with the move, or are you just looking to start fresh? You have me very intrigued. :)

    1. Hi Gwen! We're moving to Ohio for about 7 months on a short term assignment and then we think we'll be in Maryland. We get a limited amount of weight covered, but the rest we have to pay for, so we're trying to lighten up first! More details tomorrow! :)

  2. Just sent you an email with my list!! Thanks Sarah!

  3. Replies
    1. Soon and then hopefully really close in a few months!!

  4. So many great things you are parting with! You will have so much fun decorating the new place though. I didn't know you live in Pismo. I went to school at Cal Poly :-). I Always hoped I would move to Pismo after school but life had other plans. SD is a pretty good compromise ;-)

    1. Really? How neat! Pismo is amazing, when we moved here, I said we have to live at the beach!! I'm going to miss it so much, but so glad that we got the chance to live here! We haven't made it to SD yet, but hope to before we leave the coast!

  5. Oh my gosh! Where are you moving, the moon?! You're selling sooo many things! (And of course, they're all gorgeous)

    1. Hi Paige, more details tomorrow, but we're moving to Ohio for David's work, we only get a certain amount of weight covered, so any furniture that we bring we have to pay for. Trying to lighten up before we move :)

  6. You're moving?! I wish I lived closer, I would snag some of that awesome!!! Can't wait to see all your new projects!

    ~Krista @ Goodwill Glam

    1. I'm excited for what's next!! More details in tomorrow's post! :)

  7. Wait, you're in Pismo Beach? I'm from San Luis Obispo! I'm a super new reader so forgive me for not being up on the details. And you're moving near DC right? Which is where I live now! SO weird! ~ Ali from Pies & Puggles

    1. Really, how random!! How could you ever leave here?? It's amazing! :) Yep, I'm originally from DC area. More details on our move tomorrow! :)

  8. Do you ship to France? I am dying to have the headboard, the turquoise lighting, the ottoman, the chair, ...
    They are all gorgeous.

    1. Unfortunately I'm only selling the larger things locally right now, thank you for your interest!! :)

  9. Hi Sarah, Just wanted to make sure you received the email I sent you earlier today. I typed in your address wrong the first time around :) Thanks.

  10. Hey Sarah,
    did you sell the cane chair?

  11. all your items are sooo lovely! i feel the dilemma n deciding and heartache for parting your beloved diys! how i wish I can buy some items over.. but i'm from Singapore.. :(

    cnt wait to see your new creations for your new home! <3

  12. I don't think I could part with any of it because all your things are amazing. I'm sure it's not easy!


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