Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Humpday Giveway | Prints!

Happy Wednesday! I'm having another humpday giveaway from my Etsy shop! (kinda, you pay shipping)  I'm cleaning up and found a few extra prints. Some were misprints, some I've used and don't need anymore.

I have 13 available for free + you pay $3.50 shipping. Pick your favorite and leave a comment with your selection. 1 per person for the 1st to leave a comment with their selection, I only have one print per number, US only.

**Update: All are claimed. Hopefully I'll find more to giveaway soon!! ** 

1. Fabric printed, linen with gray text, you are and always have been my dream, 11x14
2. I love you more than cupcakes, coral with gray text, 8.5x11
3. I love you more than my morning coffee, brown, 8.5x11
4. dot ampersand, blues, 8.5x11
5. south tampa fl, turquoise with light blue stripe, 8.5x11
6. ca with heart near central coast, no text, green with gray dot, 8.5x11
7. in order to irreplaceable, one must always be different, gray 8.5x11
8. in order to irreplaceable, one must always be different, coral 8.5x11
9. jeremiah 29 11, blue ombre 8.5x11
10. oklahoma city, mint with gray stripe, 8.5x11
11. B with gray scalloped background, brown, 8.5x11
12. home is whereever I'm with you, burnt orange
14. sacramento, ca, blue stripe, green state, 8.5x11 

Thank you! :)

p.s. a few more hours to enter last week's giveaway, winners announced tomorrow!


  1. I'll have #8! Thank you!

  2. I'll take #1 if still available. Thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi April, I didn't see your name in paypal while printing labels, is it under a different name? Thanks!

    2. It is probably under April Case. If you can search through email it Sorry it took me so long to respond.

  4. If #1, 12 or 4 is still available, I will take any of them!

    1. Hi Emma, looks like only the state specific prints for CA and FL are still available. Hopefully I'll find more soon! :)

  5. Oooh, I hate I missed out on #1 -- I even have the perfect frame for it already! If it becomes available, please let me know :)

  6. Replies
    1. I'm matching up the prints to the mailing address and didn't see a note next to yours, if you could send the name that is connected to your paypal, that would be great! Thanks!

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Renee, I was printing the labels through paypal and didn't see your name, is your paypal under a different name? Thanks so much!

  8. Hi Sarah,
    Could you tell me the name of the font that you used in print 12?

  9. guess i'm a little late. :) what a fun idea! nice of you to share, sarah!

  10. Ugh! How did I miss the OKC one? :) Should have been reading blogs earlier today! Such cute options!

  11. Me late too LOL but love the giveaway!

  12. Sarah, thank you so much for the print, I love it!


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