Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Project Update

Hi! Just stopping in quick today with a project update via my iPhone!

I purchased this Ikat pillow for the sofa from Marshals. Since I'm not upholstering the chairs in ikat, this is how I'll get my dose :)

I stopped into Beverley's, in downtown SLO to pick up the fabric for my chairs. I think this pattern is SO pretty in one long stretch (Waverly Cross Section).  I used a 50% off coupon and got two yards for about $16. Yay!

Like I said on Monday, my family is visiting and my Mom is already hard at work. Beautiful piping thanks to Mom! (mine never turns out that good ...)

Finally, a sunset picture from last night. I'm going to soak up every ocean sunset, while I can!


  1. love the pillows you have and love that fabric/piping combo! my mom helps me with that kind of stuff, too.... or used to more. she has taught me to do it and i really should do more of it!!

  2. I'm loving the pretty piping! It looks fabulous with that gray and white, too! So pretty! I have two chairs that I had upholstered in Ikat fabric and I truly LOVE them, but often wonder if I will still love the ikat in 5 years so I think you are smart going with a different pattern and pulling in the ikat in with a pillow. Cannot wait to see!

  3. A little trick I have found that helps me when I'm making the welting, is to use stitch witchery when you're first putting the cording into the bias tape. Just iron the bias tape together and let the glue do the work! Then you don't have a stitch line that you are trying to hide when you put the welting into your project.

  4. The Waverly fabric is great!
    Oh that sunset... California is so beautiful.

  5. Great choices! Your chairs are going to be gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful Sunset! That fabric is wonderful. You have great taste in color.

  7. Great deal on the fabric. It looks beautiful with the contrast piping!

  8. Love that fabric and the piping, it's going to look great!


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