Friday, July 19, 2013

Five Friday Favorites

Today I'm sharing a few of my random recent favorites.

 Don't want to make your own herringbone driftwood table? West Elm sells one with an oak top.

I recently got a sample of Benefit's They're Real mascara and it's by far the best mascara that I've used. It really grabs onto your lashes, extends them, and makes them fuller. I may splurge once I run out ...

Target's recent Threshold line has some AMAZING tables! This campaign style one is my favorite.

Most sunscreen smells horrible and feels like it never really absorbs. I recently tried Neutrogena's Beach Defense and love it! It goes on like lotion and smells great!

I got this t-shirt cardigan from J Crew. It is comfy and flattering!


I'll be back soon with chair updates. Hopefully I'll have finished pictures on Monday! 

Hope you have a great weekend!!  


  1. Ha, look at that table! I like yours better though! Have a great weekend!

  2. I think your table looks much better also. I love the Threshold line. I've got my eye on that little green table, and as soon as it goes clearance I'm grabbing it. There are two Targets near me that I shop at every week, and I play the "clearance" game...when it goes 30% and they have several, I wait till it goes 50%... sometimes I luck out and get things at 70%. But I think with this little table, I will be smart and get it at 30%. Both of the stores have two in stock now.

  3. I agree with Julia and that YOUR table. ;) And don't even get me started on Target tables...there is just not enough room in my house! Love them all.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I love hearing what you think! :)

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