Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend in Photos: vintage furniture, swapping lights, and beach time

David's brother and his wife moved to CA earlier this month and this weekend they came to see us! We had SO much fun spending time with them - going to a few of our favorite places!

Before they got here, we stopped by one of our favorite shops (I guess you would call it a vintage boutique?) Ruby Rose. They have a wide variety of collected items, such as this awesome old motel sign.

David found a money bag and I added a few more letters to my collection. 

We haven't had a pendant in our room since CWTS in March (We took it down so it wouldn't be in photos for the final week). So we finally got around to installing one! We grabbed the the guest room pendant and put the one that used to be in the office there. I'm always moving stuff around :)

Friday night we relaxed under the outdoor heater's and had dinner at Custom House and Saturday we all relaxed on the beach.

After dinner we visited  the seals / sea lions on the pier

and took photos near the water.

Sunday afternoon while we were picking up a few supplies for projects we stopped by a consignment store. They had a pair of chairs that I got for $20 each! The caning is in great shape and the wood (oak) looks great too! I'll probably sand and re-stain them. The upholstery is old, so that will need to be replaced. I wasn't really looking for more chairs, but these were too GOOD to pass up!! Love them!

Every weekend doesn't include great deals on furniture, nice drawn out meals near the water and tons beach time, so we'll enjoy and celebrate when they come! After all, we'll be moving at the end of summer/fall so we better enjoy it while we can!

We didn't finish a project this weekend BUT we made design decisions on a lot of things!! For now, I'll say that our round roadside find table is looking A LOT different! Can't wait to share it with you soon! I see a lot of time spent in the garage in my near future!

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. You guys are too cute! Looks like such a fun weekend.
    Love the chairs and can't wait to see what you'll do with them.

  2. So in love with those chairs! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  3. Always jealous that you can just run to the beach whenever you like! You two are too cute! Glad you had fun with your guests.

  4. looks like a pretty perfect weekend to me! :)

  5. Fun, fun! You two are adorable and deserve a break - so many great projects!
    Those chairs are 2 good 2 pass up! (I am a sucker for the floral upholstery/cane mix!)

  6. Yay you just gave me ideas for future weekends when I live closer to SLO. I'll definitely be going to check out Ruby Rose! And maybe the Custom House, too. People keep telling me I need to visit Avila. Thanks for sharing! :)


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