Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend in Photos

Our weekend was filled with sun and sawdust :) If you follow me on instagram, you might of seen a few of these.

Sun because it was super pretty out! We spent some time at the beach, playing fetch with Annabelle and relaxing/reading. She loves fetch but not getting in the water ... sometimes we'll throw the ball out a little too far and then carry her out there (it helps keep her cool, so I guess it's ok). Like I said yesterday, she rolled in bird poop, so she did have one mandatory swim. (and a bath at home of course :)

And sawdust because we found two massive sheets of MDF at Habitat Restore for $7 (updates on what we're working on soon!) 

We couldn't borrow a truck (I miss having one!) so the helpful people at Habitat Restore helped us rough cut it so it would fit in the car!

Sunday we found a table saw at a garage sale for $15. Score! The base was broken, so David patched it with some glue and wood, now it's solid as a rock. We're moving this summer, we can give it away or sell it, no big deal. 

We had breakfast at one of our favorite places. Annabelle loves it too, I'll give you one guess why :) 

David and Annabelle had a serious conversation on the sofa. Probably about not rolling in bird poop :) 

And as you saw yesterday,  I worked on adding trim the coral sham! 

We have two exciting projects planned involving the table saw, so I'm excited to share details as we have them! Stay tuned.

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