Monday, April 8, 2013

Changes in the Living Room / Office

Hi! I hope that you had a great weekend! Among a good bit of relaxing (beach, hiking, lots of fetch for the puppy!), we cleaned a little and moved some things around. If you follow me on Instagram, you might of seen that we were planning to move the gallery wall we made for the statement pendant to go over the sofa (yep the sofa moved too!) We might be changing the prints some, but so far, I'm loving it!

 A lot of things got moved around during Creating with the Stars, so we're changing a few things!

We decided to reconfigure the living room / office area. I was never very happy with how the furniture was arranged ... it's awkward since it is long and narrow and the kitchen island enters the space on an angle.

Here is what we started with before Creating with the Stars (the gallery wall was updated with the larger pin board since this image) 

Also, I never liked the TV on the angle since it partially blocked the window and was a focal point of the room.

When we were photographing week 2 of Creating with the Stars we moved everything from the right end of the room. When putting it back in place, we decided to move the sofa against the wall. I still have to work out the rest of the art and add the rug, but here's what I was thinking.

We are planning to sell the sofa table and bookcase because we have no room for them ...

I also like the new layout because we will have more floorspace to work on projects (this is about all we have inside to work on projects!)

I would love to add the Ikea Vittsjo (picture includes one double unit and a single unit). I was excited when I saw that Ikea ships this item, but that quickly changed when I saw the price ... $299. No that doesn't even include the furniture itself, it would cost $299 to ship my $70 piece of furniture, YIKES!! I think I'll be waiting til we make it to an Ikea, we will most likely be back to SF or LA in about a month or so, I'd say that is worth saving $300!!! 

I also like that the TV is moved into the corner, so it is no longer a focal point. 

Do you remember the table that we found in front of our house right before Creating with the Stars began? We'll be refinishing it (still TBD) and putting it in the office area.

I'm also considering moving the desk in front of the large "pin" board ... still deciding. 

Here's what we have left in the Living Room / Office:

EAMES chairs (it's been so long! So this is at the top of the list. We have to finish polishing the other base, and sand and seal the other seat)

New pillow shams - I just ordered from (check out the just arrived section, they have some great new options!

Refinish round table 

New rug? Maybe paint the other side of our current one?

Ikea Vittsjo (probably painting too!) 

I'm excited to see the new changes! I'll be back soon with updates! :)  


Also, if you haven't yet, make sure to enter for a chance to win a few things that I made or used to make projects throughout Creating with the Stars! Enter HERE


  1. very exciting! does this mean you don't really have an outdoor space to do this stuff?

    we certainly don't. We're fortunate to be able to pull stuff out on the balcony to do some work, but right now our living room and dining room is a disaster zone with all the projects we have going!

    1. Hi Erin, We have a garage (thank goodness!) but for projects that work best inside this is where we spread out on the floor!

  2. Interesting! Love seeing the changes that you dream up =)

  3. Can't wait to see what and how you will change everything!

  4. Look forward to seeing the finished product!

    BTW- I found out recently that you can purchase many IKEA pieces via Amazon at "regular" shipping rates over "IKEA" shipping in not 4x's the product price.

    1. Hi Lauren, Thanks so much for the tip! I'll check out Amazon now!


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