Monday, March 4, 2013

What's caught my eye | Target + Marshalls

Hope you all had a great weekend! We spent a lot of ours planning and working on our submission for Creating with the Stars. We now have something in the works, hopefully it turns out!

I forgot to specify on Friday, that I can't share any details of what I'm submitting since all entries are anonymous. That means I can't use anything that you've seen, and since you've seen almost ever corner of our place, we'll have to take some things down to create a staging area. The first project entries will be posted next Monday! eek!

Today I thought I would share a few things that have caught my eye recently. Read on to window shop with me :)

Target consistently has great home decor items and is always one of my favorite places to look!

I love this mix of wood, white and punches of color. The wood brings in texture and warmth while the white and colors keep it fun and fresh. 

White seersucker duvet. You can't really tell from the photo, but it looks so nice in person! I love the texture that it would add to a bed!

Square mercury glass lamp base. Love the height!

Coral chambray and graphic print duvet covers. Fun additions to their spring bedding lines!

Ombre velvet bolster pillow

Fretwork drapery panel (wish they were a little longer than 84" - I like mine ~90" for our 8' ceilings, maybe a chartreuse panel at the top to lengthen them?)

and finally a few toss pillows from Marshalls! Love all the bright colors!

** I wasn't paid or perked for this post, I just like to share what catches my eye :)

What did I miss? What amazing things have your found recently?


  1. I saw the stuff in that first picture this weekend and literally wanted to buy the whole section.


    Kristina does the Internets

  2. I love all of these great decorating finds. They are so Springy! Great Post.

  3. LOVE TARGET!!! You should check out the Dress I just made using Target Sheets :) I also have a partnered linky party starting tonight would love for you to join in :)

  4. Great finds!! I can't even walk into a Target these days without going overboard in the home section :) - which means I'm not going very often! Your walk through makes me ready to head back soon.

  5. Love their Threshold line! And all the spring colors are amazeballs!!! New to your blog and love it! Stop by ans say hello sometime!

  6. I am totally obsessed with Target these days... their spring line is going to be just fabulous!! Love your blog...

  7. I love your blog! Such great ideas :) I noticed your comment regarding the 84" panels being too short for 8' ceilings and I wanted to share a trick I recently tried. I have the same problem because I hang the rods about 2" from the ceiling so 84" panels are too short and 93" are too long.

    I actually bought the Fretwork Panel drapes (84" length) and I just took out the bottom seam to make them the perfect length. The top and bottom hems are 4" each so you have a total of 8 extra inches! I added extra fabric to the back of the panel to make a faux 4" hem (just so they look heavier and professional). You could always order the longer ones online and hem them up, but they are typically $5-10 more expensive. It only took about 10 min. to rip out the seams, sew the new seams and press them.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I love hearing what you think! :)

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