Friday, March 15, 2013

Gallery Wall and Free Printables!

Happy Friday! Just wanted to pop in quickly to share a little more info on the gallery wall I recently created. I'm currently racing to complete my submission for next week's Creating with the Stars submission, theme: Knockoff. 

I'm LOVING it so far!! Stop back Monday for the details on voting! :) 

Here's how I made the gallery wall: left to right,

1. fabric napkin from World Market (a few months ago), tip: wrap the fabric around cardboard and tape so that it is flat.

2. coral image from here

3. stamp image from here 

3. banner is from Virginia and Charlie, thanks Virginia!! (I just added the text and border)

4. I made the Love is all you need

5. the number 5 is this font

6. I made the Be Kind quote painting, see more here 

If you would like to use any of the files, download here :) 

I hope you enjoy! 

See you Monday for more info on voting!!


  1. I love that you framed the napkin - it looks great! I turned 4 World Market napkins into easy throw pillow covers - they have such pretty patterns :)

    1. I love world market napkins! I have a few more in my stash, maybe I'll make a few pillows too! :)

  2. You're gallery wall looks great! And I can't wait to see your next project for CWTS!! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Virginia! Love your ribbon, pinned it awhile ago and finally got around to using it :)

  3. Love the wall. It looks great.

  4. It looks great - you do such good work!!

    1. Sarah - I just downloaded the link you attached to this post and opened the folder of all the printables. For some reason, it'll allow me to view them but not print them. I right-clicked on them and wasn't able to save them onto my computer.

    2. send me an email at sarah.m.dorsey at and I'll try sending them there.

      Thanks! :)


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