Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Custom Cornice for Draperies

Today I wanted to share the custom cornice for above our DIY Schumacher inspired draperies. Custom cornices can be super expensive, so DIY is definitely the way to go!

The window in our living room is pretty big, 60"x60", our finished cornice was 90" (to allow room for the draperies to sit without being in the window)  x 16"

First up, we were rush to finish it for the deadline, so I may be missing some information, so use this as a guideline :) 

Ok, here's how we did it!

First we cut the notches into the 1x6 with the jigsaw (We ended up cutting one off because it looked a little heavy), and used wood glue and screws to attach it to the 1x12 (and clamps while it dried)

We wrapped it in batting.

To inexpensively cover the whole piece (without seams), we used a 70"x144" white tablecloth from Target, it was only $14 because it was an open box item. That's a lot of fabric for $14!!

We then repeated with the fabric. To fully cover the seams from the batting we doubled up the fabric, which ended up being good for the corners. I don't have any more photos, because we were really rushed to finish! But I do want to mention how we handled the fabric on those tricky square steps. We cut the fabric at a 45 close to the edge. Having two layers of fabric allowed us to more cover the edges because there was more fabric to work from to cover the edges. This sounds a little confusing (honestly, I can't entirely remember how it worked because we were that rushed!) We then used the ribbon to cover any imperfections from the square steps. It was applied basically just like the greek key trimmed pillow shams by cutting the edges at a 45 and burning the ends and securing with heat n' bond no sew adhesive.

We then installed it on the wall using corner brackets! 

Ready to try it?

Price Breakdown and source list:

Wood: 1x12 ($10) and 1x6 (from our scrap pile)
Fabric: 70"x114" white table cloth from Target ($14 open box item, $20 regularly)
Ribbon: Free! Wrapped around throw blankets at Target around Christmas.
Heat n' Bond no sew adhesive: already had

Total Cost: $24!

We had a good bit of supplies on hand, but if you were buying everything new, it would probably be about $30-$40, still pretty good!


Finally, last but not least, a reminder to vote for your favorite project in this week's Creating with the Stars at East Coast Creative! Voting ends tonight at 10 pm.

I love my project and I'm pretty sure you will too! :) I'm looking forward to sharing which one is mine tomorrow!!

Voting is super easy and quick, if you would stop by and vote I'd appreciate it! Thanks so much!! 


  1. You've made it look so easy! They look amazing!

    1. I hope not too easy! Those square steps at the bottom were definitely a little tricky! But I would say worth DIYing vs hiring out! :)

  2. Sarah,

    How do you upholster inside corners? Only help I've found on the internet is to make a Y cut...any tricks you use? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kathryn, Our corners aren't perfect, but we just cut pretty close to the wood, pulled tight and stapled. If I was doing it again, I probably wouldn't of worried about making the corners pretty and instead cut a 1" band of the fabric with the raw edges ironed under and attach with heat n' bond. I'm thinking that would be the easiest!


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