Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BUY or DIY: Duvets

Welcome to another edition of BUY or DIY? Where I look at the cost, time invested, and likely hood of pulling your hair out on DIY projects, after all, sometimes it is better to buy! 

This week I'm looking at duvet covers. They can be super pricey, and it's really not much more than two sheets sewn together (sometimes)

First up, a duvet with ruching. I love them because they add a little texture, but don't look too busy! 


Cirrus duvet from Anthropologie (I can't find it on the website but I think it was around $250) 

Hadley ruched duvet cover from Pottery Barn, $179, king 

Smocked duvet cover, Target $89.99, king


Made by Lex has a great tutorial using sheets from Target. $45 dollars for a king.

FABULOUS end result, but a little time consuming! 

I would say BUY (from Target)!  I'm thinking that I would rather spend a little more money to avoid pulling my hair out. I don't do well with lots of fabric around the sewing machine ... I end up sewing things together that don't belong and get very frustrated! Know your strengths, right? :)

And secondly, a plain (no ruffles or gathering) duvet out of fabric or sheets. 


Allegra Hicks Embroidered duvet, West Elm, currently on sale, $89.99, King

Coral Chambray duvet, Target, $75.99, King

Or DIY, a tutorial via Design Sponge using fabric here or a tutorial using flat sheets here, both are super easy to follow, and materials are pretty cheap, just two flat sheets or yardage for size needed. My only issue with using fabric is that it will need to have seams down the front (since it isn't wide enough). You could line up the pattern (if it is larger), but I think I would prefer not to have seams.  Just a personal preference :) 

I say DIY, waiting until you find the perfect flat sheets to make it out of! That way you can save at least 50%, and total time spent would be a few hours. Of course, Target and West Elm (to name a few) have good sales at the end of the season, so it could definitely be worth it to grab one then!  

I've been thinking about doing this for a while ... so this officially made it onto my DIY list! 


Finally, today is the last day to vote for your favorite project in round1 of Creating with the Stars, Upcycle! I had a lot of fun with this! Taking something that is less than desirable and turning it into something that you love is definitely a favorite of mine! So I hope that you love my project too! 

Voting ends tonight at 10 pm EST, and tomorrow I'll let you know which project is mine! Click here to vote (at the bottom of the post, and scroll through the box) 


  1. I love the light fixture! Out of all of the projects it looks like your style. +1
    xo Claire

  2. Ok, so I had great plans to DIY a white duvet cover for my bed, but then I thought about all the gathering it takes--gathering is my LEAST favorite thing to do. Maybe on a small lamp shade or pillow cover, but for a duvet? Ummm, no. So I asked for the Hadley duvet set for Christmas a few years ago and have been loving it ever since. :) I am, though, on the hunt for a great patterned sheet set for a twin duvet.

  3. agreed! Great post! I just got a new Barbara Berry from Bed bath and beyond and I love it!! That is just too much sewing and pinning!!



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