Thursday, March 21, 2013

Anthropologie Inspired Ottoman

Today I'm sharing how we built our Anthropologie inspired bench. We saved on a few materials and splurged on a few to make it a little more special. 

Here we go :)

We built a frame out of 2x6s (20" w x 50" l) with corner supports for the legs to attach. Holes were pre-drilled and counter sunk to prevent splitting when screwed together. 

Additionally we used, 3" upholstery webbing, batting, cording, a drapery panel from Target, and a king comforter from Ikea.

For the corners we stapled the fabric, and a piece of thick acid free paper and folded the fabric back and ironed. 

Fabric was pulled tight and the plate for the legs was screwed into place.

We folded a king comforter overlapping 4 times, of course Annabelle thought it was a bed for her ... haha :)

Onto my favorite part! We used upholstery webbing in lieu of plywood for the support. We stapled and wove the webbing together. And we finally upgraded (from our $8 one :) to a heavy duty stapler, per the recommendation of Jenny. And it is AMAZING, I would highly recommend!

I loosely hand stitched three layers of the comforter together (not in image). I then sewed a simple cover  with cording for the filling, but when I put it on it didn't have the polished look that I wanted, so I opted to secure the top down with nailhead (I actually pulled them out of our sofa so we would have enough. David straightened them as I put them in). It was a make it work moment :) I put a few staples in prior to applying the nailhead to keep it tight and then removed once finished.

The legs were stained with Minewax Driftwood, then we inserted the casters and attached them to the plates.

My new favorite spray paint color is Lemongrass from Rustoleum, it is the perfect yellow chartreuse.

The gray ikat pillow is from Marshalls and the other two are from Target.

and that's it!

Source and Price breakdown:

2x6 (2) $12 - Home Depot
Drapery Panel - $24 Target
Comforter - $15 (Ikea on sale)
Webbing 14 yards .50/yard with coupon - $7 (Beverly's, local fabric store)
Legs (4) - $33
Casters (4) - Currently unavailable, but I think it was around $12
Cording - 4 yards .50/yard with coupon - $2 (Beverly's, local fabric store)
Stain - $5 Ace Hardware
Batting - already owned, has a good selection.

Total $110

I splurged on the legs/casters, but with a more simple leg, you could definitely get it under $100!

I'll be back with a brief tutorial on how we made the cornice tomorrow!


Did I mention that the theme for this week's Creating with the Stars is paint? Yeah, I'm pretty messy when I work ... :)

I'm really excited with it coming together and I can't wait to share it with you! Voting starts Monday!!


  1. The ottoman is beautiful. How do you even get sleep during this contest? You guys are doing so much work!

    1. Thanks Julia! Thursday thru Saturday is pretty busy (so not much sleep going on there!

    2. Thanks so much for coming over to my blog earlier. I'm sure you have totally noticed by now that you are one of my major blog-crushes, right? I mean, I'm almost blog stalking you ;)
      And I hope you get some sleep ;)

    3. Thanks so much Julia! :) We submitted our project for the next round, I LOVE how it turned out!! :)

  2. Love it! Can't wait to see what you do with the paint!

  3. Fabulous! You had me totally tricked, something about that stain makes the legs almost look like an aged metallic. They look so great, the whole thing looks great. I love a pretty bench :)

  4. I can't believe you MADE a piece of furniture - amazing! HUGE congrats on making the final - I've loved everything you've done and I can always tell exactly which ones are yours. Good luck, can't wait to see what you do next.

  5. Beautifully done, Is the upholstery webbing on the bottom of your frame and the comforter dropped into the frame or is the webbing on the top of the frame and the comforter in sitting on top?

  6. Sarah, I love your blog! I've enjoyed every bit of it and can't wait to see more!


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I love hearing what you think! :)

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