Thursday, January 3, 2013

We're back!

Traveling is exhausting! We flew back to CA on New Years, and it took about an extra 1.5 hours than flying to the east coast (I only remember it being an extra 30 minutes last time, but I might not be remembering correctly :) I had the window seat and poor David had the middle and a little boy who kept falling asleep on him. But the best thing about the flight was seeing almost the entire US covered in snow, it wasn't until we almost hit LA that there were no more traces of snow!

Here are a few of my favorites from our trip: 

Once we got to LA we made a quick stop at Ikea to pick up a few things. 

I see some diy in our future ...
I would of liked to spend more time looking around, but we had to get home to pick up our fuzzy face before they closed!

Three hours later, we got the ultimate greeting, I called hi Ann! and she clawed her way (on the leash) towards us and promptly peed a little :)

I snapped this photo the day after, but I think she is saying dreaming "I'm soooo happy to be in my bed!"


Also, David got me a laptop for Christmas, so it will be easier to work on the go!

I'll be back soon with project updates :) 


  1. A stop at Ikea after a cross-country trip...impressive :) I usually just go straight home and pass out!

  2. I'm thinking your doggy baby was very happy to see you. And I got a new laptop for Christmas too!! That' really all I got and that's OK.


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