Friday, January 11, 2013

Fabric Wrapped Table Continued

Yesterday I took a few more photos of my fabric wrapped parsons table. So now you can see a little more detail and a better representation of the fabric :) 

This time, I was able to take these during the day so they are much brighter than yesterday's post.

I picked up this mercury glass lamp from Marshalls on clearance for only $25. Isn't it pretty? 

Click here to see yesterday's post for the details on how we made it. 

Also, yesterday I talked about how when we finished the table it seemed too short. So I created a few mock ups in sketch up to see what would work.

Here is how it looks now (minus the skirt on the ottomans) 

and here are a few options with legs to give the table a little more height.

We haven't picked one yet, so if you have a preference, let me know :) Stop back Monday to see what we chose and for other project updates!


  1. You are just amazing! Really, I love seeing what you come up with all the time.
    As for the legs, I like no legs or solid.

  2. I like the open legs! And this is a fabulous project, LOVE the fabric you chose and the fact that the table was made from a door! If I wasn't so DIY-ADD I might even try one myself!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  3. Great options - I'm leaning towards the open, but I'm sure any that you choose you'll make look awesome!

  4. I like 3 of the options - the turned legs aren't doing it for me... but I am sure if you do it, then I will like it :)

  5. it is lovely! I love the turned leg option, especially with the fabric choice.

  6. I'm drawn to the first option you show, the open legs that have the solid piece along the bottom. Looking forward to the results! Have a great weekend.

  7. Hmm, I think I prefer the solid..I think it just looks more 'finished.'

  8. Looks amazing! I like the solid, just because it would be a nice continuation of the solid fabric-covered sides. Looking forward to seeing what you choose!

  9. I'm for the solid. I like the visual separation. If see through, you'll see the fabric of the seat peeking out under the table. As it's a bedroom, do you want to enable someone to sit on the ottomans at the table? ? Add mirror and it's a desk/vanity. I'm digging the starch the fabric and glue angle. Thanks.


Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts! I love hearing what you think! :)

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