Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Moorish Insprired Wall and Frame Shelves

When I read about Design Sponge's Painter's Tape DIY Contest I knew that I wanted to enter because I love DIY and I love painter's tape :)

When thinking about what I would do, I instantly thought about the wall at the top of the stairs because 1. it could use a little livening up! 2. a frame shelf could also be installed (a recent obsession of mine) and would work perfectly with the narrow space!  

I was inspired by Caitlin Wilson Textiles: Jade Byblos fabric

So gorgeous -this Moorish pattern is perfection!

We created the pattern with overlapping octagons made out of 3/4" 3M blue painters tape ... a lot of them!

Below is a summary of our process:

The corners of the octagon were marked on a large cutting board - my Mom was here to help and created all of the octagons, while David measured and I laid them out. This process took a little a lot longer than anticipated (about 6-7 hours) ...

While the painting took only about 5 minutes, so I guess it balanced out ... we peeled off the tape, there was a lot of it - we used about 1. 5 roles

We picked up some 1x3s and square trim at Home Depot, cut to the dimensions of the mirror and painted section of the wall. Next, holes were drilled for the anchor screws. The top of the shelves were painted with citron, turquoise and teal paint and the fronts were painted SW Big Chill (same as the wall)

Shelves were attached to the wall with the anchor screws and the fronts were glued on with wood glue

I had a hard time painting and taking the tape off of the wall, since it had a lot of time invested in it ... but obviously it had to happen haha. I love the subtle contrast between the light gray and the wall color!

I made the "Home Sweet Home"print, L&N photo we took while we were living in Knoxville, and the beach photo was Annabelle's first time at the beach, Hilton Head, SC (when we discovered her love for the sand and fear of the water :)

One of my favorite photos of Annabelle, and a photo of her playing fetch, I made the "live every day to the fullest" print

and my version of Gossip Girl's Prada Marfa sign, a custom monogram - thanks for the idea April! head over to see how to make yours for free!, JFG photo taken in Knoxville, and the custom date print I talked about last week

I love the hidden pop of color  :)

and I finally hung my chrysanthemum mirror that I wrote about a while ago :)

This wall is located at the top of the stairs - I've been searching for a good solution for this space since it is narrow and the shallow picture frame rail was perfect!

The whole process ended up taking longer than anticipated, but I love the end result!

Project Cost:

1x3s     $8
Trim     $9
Tape     $7
Paint (leftover from other projects)
Frames $20  
Total    $44

Monday, July 30, 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

TV Stand with Pivoting Door to Hide Electronics

The tv stand is finished! I played around with the floorplan a lot in Sketchup  (my go to program to make design decisions because it is fast and designing in 3D gives a much better understanding of the space)

I am still not entirely happy with the tv placement - it kinda screams hey! look at me! ... but with the space that we have, I think it's a good option.

Utilizing one space for the office and living room, I wanted a sense of division which was created by the sofa, sofa table and lamps.  I also didn't want to block the window, putting the tv on an angle in the corner seemed the best option for the layout.

For now, this is where it will stay ... at least until I change my mind ;)

We wanted something super simple, not huge ... I feel like all tv stands are ginormous! So we decided to design and make our own ... I talked earlier this week about the door to hide the electronics and David managed to surprise me by his innovative pivoting door design, he's a keeper I tell you!

Here is how it moves ...

Pretty neat, huh?

The base construction for the tv stand was pretty simple but the pivoting door took a little more time to get just right

We topped it off with 2'x4' (1" thick) shelving - we wanted something a bit heavier since it has to support the tv.

The screws and seams were covered with wood filler, once dry the whole piece was sanded to get all the rough spots - holes were also drilled for the hardware on the door at this time

I primed with SW wall and wood primer

lightly sanded with fine sandpaper

and gave it two coats of SW pro classic (perfect for painting furniture because it gives a hard enamel finish while being water based) in a custom mix of big chill with a little anew gray (both left over from other projects) with XIM extender mixed in to help level out brush marks.

I painted the top piece and the door separately to access all of the corners - once the pieces were dry, they were attached and the hardware was added.

And that was it!

Baskets fit well underneath to hold extra remotes and dvds

and a view with the door open ...

and I one of Annabelle  - she approves because her window seat (the green ottomans) are now back in place

The top piece $23 and the thin door $10 made this piece a little more expensive than anticipated ... the total for the wood was around $65

We sold our tv stand when we moved to CA, so it is nice to see the tv off of the ground!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pillow Shams for the Living Room

While my Mom is here visiting, I am taking advantage of her sewing skills. She made three pillow shams for me this week, thanks Mom! 

Here's some tips!

Cut fabric on the bias (or purchase bias tape which we did) so that it goes around the corners without pulling the fabric

After sewing the cording with the zipper foot, sew it to the front piece of fabric (right side out), then apply the front and back pieces right side together and sew along the outside.

Fabrics include KAS Cavallo Bluebird and P Kaufmann Indoor/Outdoor Woven Slick Navy (green pillows were purchased a few years back)

I'm loving my new hydrangea - it picked it up from Trader Joes for $7, lowest price that I have found :)

We moved the computer downstairs so that we could use the whole table while my family is here ...

I plan to make one more pillow to add a little texture to the sofa, but for now I am loving the new additions!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Prints Insprired by the Gallery Wall

I created a few new pieces for the gallery wall and decided to add them to my shop as well!

Click here and here to view

Inspired by my date print ...

and who doesn't sometime need a reminder to make today ridiculously amazing :)

Click here to view

which hangs above the push pin board ...

and finally an update to the ombre frames is also available

Click here to view

I didn't get to the tv stand yesterday, so that is first on my list today! I am looking forward to getting the tv off of the ground!


Today is the last day to enter for a chance to win my trellis stencil, click here to enter!

Monday, July 23, 2012

pivoting door to hide electronics!

This weekend we worked on the tv stand - I'm pretty excited about the solution to hide the electronics!

Our original plan was to include slated doors (for use of electronics when the doors were closed), but it ended up being too expensive ... wood is pricey!

On to plan B. I suggested a small door to hide just the electronics. David liked the idea, but not my simple flip down design, he wanted to construct a garage door ... I thought a garage door has bends, how is this going to work with a flat piece of wood? David assured me that it would work (it took little convincing because he has a great track record at figuring things out), so we purchased our supplies and went home to try some ideas out!

After one other try, here is what we came up with (hold (no click needed) your mouse over the image below to see how it moves)

It pivots on a small dowel rod to hide the electronics when not in use and to hide the door when they are

Pretty neat huh? :)

Photos below are shown without the top and back piece on.

We made the shelf shorter than the entire width to 1. it was cheaper 2. It can't be seen with the electronics on the shelf 3. the extra width wasn't needed

Sounds like good reasons to me!

Here's how it looks from above (without the top on) with the door closed ...

and with the door open ....

We are going to put two striped knobs on the front that we picked up from Anthropologie a few months back...

The wood filler have been sanded and it is now ready for paint, check back soon to see what it looks like finished!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Living Room Update + Feature Friday at 6th Street Design School

What's the best thing about having my family here besides exploring California together?

(to see some off my day to day adventures and what project I'm working on next, you can follow me on instagram at sarahmdorseydesigns) 

Having my talented Mom here to help me with sewing projects! Everything that my Mom makes turns out beautifully, so when the fabric arrived for the living room / office, I asked ... ok begged, do you want to help me make some pillow shams?

1 down and 1 to go!

We used KAS Cavillo Bluebird for the front and Waverly Stepping Out Pool and a navy blue bias tape for the cording.

Mom used the same method as the envelope tutorial that I wrote about earlier, but added cording, I'll be back later to share how she did it!


Also, today our home is being featured at 6th Street Design School, make sure to stop by and check it out!

Kirsten is an amazingly talented Interior Designer, if you haven't already (which I'm sure most of you have), you must check out some of her gorgeous projects!! (one of my recent favorites is a complete model home design, click here to see it!)

It was such an honor to be included in her Feature Friday's! Thanks Kirsten!

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