Monday, April 30, 2012

Fence Post Ladder Planter

Over the weekend David built this ladder planter for our patio - a few weeks ago I shared about our other fence post planter and the sun light situation on the patio

The concrete on the front of the patio (far right of photo above) blocks direct sunlight against the lower part of the wall, so shade plants were needed there

The wall that the ladder planter is on gets good direct sun for most of the day - so to take advantage we decided to go up the wall

We started with 6' redwood fence posts from Ace Hardware (5 at about $3.50 a piece)

also - redwood is supposed hold up well with weathering

The angle for the bottom and where it would meet the wall were figured out - then accounting for overall height the angles were cut

Boxes were constructed to fit in between the two side pieces - holes were drilled on the bottom of the boxes for drainage

For the front of the planter boxes - screws were used on the interior on an angle to hide the screws heads (left of photo above)

The side piece of the planter was laid on the ground and the top box was screwed into place - we started with the first box against the back of the side piece and then moved the bottom boxes out slightly so that they would get more light - after the three boxes were in place the piece was flipped over and the other side was secured

This was a pretty fast project - taking only about an hour or two!

at 64" tall - it sits just under the wall light

peppermint, pansies, and cilantro were planted in the bottom two boxes 

 Sitting underneath are the lemon tree, geranium, English daises, and pansies 

 The top planter box has basil, spearmint, and rosemary

This ladder planter was a great solution to get more plants on a smaller patio that has shady areas on the bottom!

Over the weekend we also worked on how to hang the light in the bedroom - pieces purchased, just need to hang it!

After thinking ...  a lot about art above the bed - I think I have decided on a few possibilities - now I have to decide which one will look best - I will probably use Photoshop to decide ...

Projects for this week - hanging overhead light, art for above the bed, and finishing the ombre table once the compressor arrives!

Stay Tuned!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Battle Me Vs. Airbrush

Yesterday I decided to tackle finishing the table - in the battle of my poorly functioning airbrush vs. me - the airbrush won ...

Ready to paint, the airbrush was barely spraying any air and definitely no paint - I went to adjust the pressure on the compressor and the valve snapped off (top piece above the red ring)

The compressor is pretty old and we found out last night, underpowered for the airbrush - so we ordered a new one - hopefully it will come next week so I can finish the table!

This weekend we'll be working on the art for the bedroom - fence post ladder planter to go on the patio - and hanging the overhead light in the bedroom

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainbow and Ombre Table Progress

It has been rainy here the past couple of days - one advantage?

a beautiful rainbow!

I took this picture last night, shortly before the sun went down. This image is three photos that I stitched together in Photoshop to capture the whole rainbow.

I've been working on the art for the bedroom - some abstract paintings, but I think that they may be too modern for the space - we will see ...

Here is a peak at what the other half of the round table is looking like 

I've been having issues with my airbrush spraying evenly (hence why the paint is looking un blended), so hopefully it will work well today!

This will be going by our front door - down from the landing that the ombre frames are on - it is dark down there, so I wanted a pop of color - maybe all of the landings will have an ombre theme?

I am going to attempt to finish it today- hopefully the airbrush will cooperate with me!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Second Dresser / Nightstand Finished!!

Yesterday I finished the dresser! Click to read more about the lamps, headboard, and pillows

I started with this from craigslist for $15 - Annabelle isn't too sure about it ...

It wasn't in the best shape but David was able to fix the drawer by adding some wood where it had broken off

It also needed to be higher so that it was the same height as the other dresser - so the front curved piece was removed - I took it into Ace Hardware - they cut a straight piece to size and only charged me .50 (you can't buy much for .50 today!)

** note: typically you want the top of a nightstand to be about level with the top of the mattress  (~24"-28"). Ours are taller at 34"; however, we were in desperate need for more storage and got a great deal on both dressers, so we decided to go with it :)

I attached it with finishing nails and filled them with wood filler - I also filled in some of the dings at the same time

David built supports on the bottom out of left over 1 x 4s to attach the legs - which I also picked up at Ace for $2.99 each

The legs were screwed into place (we applied gorilla glue for added strength)

The whole piece was sanded to remove the protective coat - primed (I used a foam roller) and painted with SW Anew Gray Pro Classic Semi Gloss with XIM Extender - same as the writing desk chair - it took two top coats

I applied liming wax to the legs - same that I used on the writing desk

I love the finished look - I think it looks sooooo much better!

Check out this post to read about the dresser on the other side of the bed (which I will be painting the same color as this dresser)

One last before and after:

much much better!

After we install the light and figure out the artwork I will be moving onto the living room! 


I'm pretty happy today ... we ordered a grill over the weekend and it is being delivered today! No more smelling people barbequing without eating any!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Overhead Light for Master Bedroom - In Process

Today I worked on finishing the dresser (pictures tomorrow!) and the overhead light for the bedroom - I took an extra lamp shade that I bought for $10 on clearance awhile ago and put some ribbon on it

Ever wonder why you haven't seen the ceiling in any of my photos yet? Because it looks like this

Builder grade in EVERY newer house flush mounted light - nothing exciting about it ...

Now that we have a place to store the old light (which will be reinstalled when we move out) I can put whatever I want up there :)

And the best part is that it only took about 5 minutes - I glue ribbon and taped to secure it - wrapped around the shade and folded the edge over and glued and taped to hold it in place - and repeated two more times - a super easy way to add a bit of color to a plain shade

Now I just have to figure out how to mount it ...

I am very excited to share the dresser with you tomorrow - I think it turned out great and it definitely looks completely different!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Lamp Makeover for Master Bedroom

I've been looking for a pair of lamps or one to go with the existing lamp in the bedroom for a while now. Home Goods used to be my go to source for lamps when we lived in Tennessee, but since California doesn't have one, I have been out of luck.

All of the lamps that I like are $100 and up, I don't mind investing in a good quality lamp, but since we will be most likely moving every 2 -5 years for David's job, and only get a limited amount of weight covered in a move - it makes sense hold off on more expensive pieces until we have a more permanent home.

I plan to sell a lot of furniture/accessories prior to moving to reduce weight ... and if they don't sell - I won't have to worry about expensive things getting broken by the movers! 

Enter the lamps that I found on Craigslist for $5 each

In need of a little - okay A LOT of updating! but they have a good shape and nothing that a can of spray paint and new lamp shades can't fix

 I scuffed up the metal and with steel wool and taped off the top and cord

 Sprayed with primer - let dry for about an hour - lightly sanded with extra fine sandpaper (320 grit) - wiped off with a microfiber cloth

I then sprayed it with RustOleum - Ivory Bisque - Semi Gloss (two coats - allowing to dry about 45 minutes in between)

I finished with a protective clear coat in gloss

I had already purchased lampshades a while back - so after I put those on they were ready to go!

It is amazing what a little spray paint and a new shade can do - they look completely different!

and lastly, Annabelle checking out the dresser that we picked up over the weekend for $15 - I've been looking a while for another dresser for the other side of the bed with no luck - it is too short so last night David made it taller so that it would be the same height as the other dresser. He also fixed the drawer. 

for $25 - Craigslist pulled through this weekend - now the bedroom is almost done. After I finish the dresser and swap the overhead light, it will be complete!

This post doesn't address any of the projects that I talked about on Friday - but they are still in the works and I promise to share photos when there are updates - too many project too little time!

Today I will be painting this dresser - check back to see updates and to see how we made it taller!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fence Post Planter and Our Patio

A few months ago David built a planter for our patio out of 6' redwood fence posts

Since spring is here, I thought I would share it with you today

Our patio does have a southern exposure which equals lots of light all day, but the front of our balcony has concrete instead of railing so that section gets indirect light most of the day, so a shade plant is needed.

Yesterday, I planted impatiens in our planter

I am hoping that they will look something like this soon ...


 Also recently planted, English Daisies - which love shade.

 My favorite is the lavender because it is drought/heat resistant and always looks great

Some herbs ready to be planted that I purchased when they were on sale

spearmint, cilantro, basil, peppermint, and rosemary 

These will be going in a new planter - the plan is for a ladder planter against this wall which gets mid morning to late afternoon sun (photo was taken shortly before sunset)

We have already purchased fence posts, maybe we will make it this weekend?

You can see our little lemon tree in the corner, only tiny green lemons right now ...

I would also like to add some hanging baskets on the beam, since they would get loads of sunlight.

Also, if you haven't heard me mention it we are currently living at the beach, since I have never lived remotely close the the beach ... I am pretty excited about it

The photo was taken from our patio, while it doesn't capture the full immenseness of the view you kinda get the idea ... on the far left are the Oceano dunes (where part of Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed) and Pismo Beach is on the right

On a side note, I am tired of smelling people barbeque around dinner time, so we are getting a grill this weekend :) 

So many projects to do ... what will we do this weekend? planter, swap overhead light in bedroom, two mirrors to repair and paint, and finish other half of console table

Check back to see what we get done

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Anthropologie Look for Less

On my search to find handles for the writing desk I found something that looked familiar ...

Almost exactly the same as the ones that I purchased from anthropologie for the dresser

These are from Hobby Lobby and are $3.99 compared to $6 at anthropologie, not a huge difference, but if you are buying several it adds up!

They are currently out of stock ... but if you are interested, you can ask for an email when they are back in stock

Now if they only had handles that I want!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Writing Desk and Chair Complete!

Yesterday I finished applying the liming wax and honestly I wasn't sure if I really liked it until I brought it into the room, luckily I did!

I think every room needs a balance between wood and painted/colored furniture to avoid looking too heavy.

I started off with this craigslist find, $65 for both

David and I took turns sanding ...

Once it was sanded completely, it was given a protective finish with Briwax Liming Wax - designed to leave a white washed tone in the grain of the wood

The chair was painted and the seat was upholstered

I searched high and low for handles, even anthropologie let me down - everywhere I looked only had a few handles (most of which were too modern or belonged on a kitchen cabinet) 

So I decided to attempt my own version using, wire and beads

Honestly, before I started I was afraid that it was going to look like a cheap craft project ... but with no other options, what could it hurt to try?

Beads were threaded on the wire and inserted into the existing holes and the wire was bent on the inside to secure the handle (wire must be heavy to keep the handle straight and secure)

I like how they turned out - they are soft and elegant, like the desk. I think I will keep looking for others, but for now they are a keeper.

Total price for the wire and beads was about $8, so each pull was only about $2

The center knobs are original with the desk

Once I decided on the hardware, I decided the desk was finally finished (at least for now!)

I made the pencil/pen cups from jars - the pencil cup is wrapped with fabric and secured with glue and I coated the inside of the pen cup with left over paint from the console table

and last but not least, the center pops up and reveals a mirror - I added some white to SW Anew Gray used to paint the chair to paint the interior

The mirror is original - you can see the yellowing from age

and one last before and after:

Pretty big difference!

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