Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet Renovation

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ikea offers a lot of great products at lower price points. Shortly before moving to CA we purchased this Hemnes shoe cabinet.



It holds a lot of shoes, and looking at it closed you would never know! 

Moving to CA was our first experience with a moving company ... and it wasn't a great one. We sold some of our furniture prior to moving and brought the rest. What we did bring was damaged ...

Initially I was upset, but insurance covered it all - so now we can fix it for free!

I applied wood filler, sanded, coat of thinned primer, sanded, and one top coat - Sherwin Williams Big Chill with XIM Extender to even out the brush strokes

I swapped the dark knobs for these bubble glass knobs from World Market.

We still need to attach the shoe cabinet to the wall, but it is currently where it will be staying - on the 2nd floor landing - down the hall from the bedrooms, so great for grabbing shoes on the way out.

The quatrefoil mirror will be moving to the bedroom, once we build the headboard (foam is on the way!) I am currently in the process of repairing the mirror that will go over the shoe cabinet - and will post more pictures when it is up.

I am almost done with the bookcase I started painting on Monday - top coat is almost dry - then I will be attempting to stencil it - it is my first time - wish me luck!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ombre Frames and Graphic Prints

The dimensions for the other nightstand I have for the bedroom aren't quite right so I put that project off this weekend to work on some frames for the landing above the front door.

Ombre is everywhere now -  taking my own spin on it, I decided to paint our black frames a gradient of gray.

Read on to see how it was done! 

Our rental has three levels: 1st - garage and entryway, 2nd - bedrooms, 3rd - kitchen and living space. The living room is on the top floor because of the view

I am so grateful to be living by the ocean while we are on the west coast, it is beautiful and you can't beat the weather!

On to the landings ... we have several, so all that white space needs a pick me up! Since I won't be painting the walls (it is a rental after all) ... art is needed.

Here is the space with 3M picture hanging strips in place. These are great because you won't have to fill in lots of holes when you move (or change your mind) and they leave no marks when removed. We also think that they take less time to hang frames than nails.

The frames with previous photos (left) and with prints I made in Adobe Illustrator (right) ... 

The black frames were too dark for this hallway, so I decided to paint!

I removed the prints and glass, sanded the frames, primed the frames, after a few hours lightly sanded the primer ...

Mixed the paint:

 I started with Sherwin Williams Big Chill and added some black acrylic paint to gradually darken it

Tested and adjusted the paint based on dried swatches

and now the fun part, with an airbrush I painted some ... 

David (my husband and diy partner) painted too, gradually blending the four paints to create a gradient

half way done

Meet Annabelle - our sweet, energetic, and ever loving puppy

d for david and dorsey
annabelle's silhouette    
s for sarah
Our wedding date and moves since then

I love the subtle ombre effect on the frames, I hope you do too!

 I am off to work on this $20 craigslist find ... I have finally finished filling in all the crack and dents!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Master Bedroom Floor Plan and Design

Our new bedroom is a good bit smaller than our old bedroom, so furniture needs to be small scaled ... but with less closet space we still need storage.

Nightstands will double as dressers for extra storage, we plan to build a t.v. stand because the size needs to be very specific - design will incorporate baskets or doors.

What still needs to be done ...

1. Refinish other nightstand
2. Sew pillow covers (waiting on fabric to come in the mail)
3. Build an upholstered headboard
4. Decide on coverlet (white puckered duvet already selected)
5. Decide on draperies
6. Refinish writing desk and chair found on craigslist
7. Swap builder grade light for pendant
8. Design and build t.v. stand

The room has a northern exposure so only gets indirect light, so I wanted the color palette to be light and airy with some contrast.

image source | headboard | rug | duvet | desk | fabric

Up next - refinishing the other nightstand!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dresser Renovation

Before we moved to CA we sold a good bit of our furniture, so we are now in the process of figuring out what we need and purchasing as we find it.

Our new place is larger than the last, but we traded our closet space for a second bedroom. Moving from a walk in closet to small wall closet left me lacking storage space

... a few weeks ago I found this great find on craigslist for $20!!!

Storage ... check
Solid wood and construction ... check
Small size (my bedroom is tiny) ... check
Dual purpose for my night stand ... check

After removing hardware, sanding, filling in dimples and original holes for hardware with wood filler

New holes for hardware were drilled, a diluted coat of primer applied, and a quick sanding were done. I used two coats of Sherwin Williams Pro Classic paint, which is a super durable latex paint that dries like a oil based enamel. Since the paint is THICK I added XIM extender to reduce brush strokes.

I decided on a custom mix between Sherwin Williams Silverplate and Ellie Gray. I also swapped the original hardware for this from anthropologie. Lamp shade from Target available in stores, basket on clearance at Target, art made by me
What I learned:
1. using quality materials will save time and prevent you from pulling out your hair - for paint brushes I used Purdy Clearcut glide 2.5" and 1.5". Paying a little more upfront is worth it, it results in smoother brush strokes and if taken care of will last. After using a paint and primer in one I knew that I would never do that again ... so I used this primer and paint more expensive but worth it because it is super durable.

2. Selecting a gray can be tricky: make sure to look at the paint chip in the room that it will be used in and hold it up with other grays to compare. I selected one that was way too green at first even after looking at it in the room because I didn't compare it to other paint chips!

3. Make sure that the paint isn't too thick, or it will leave brush marks. Using a paint extender will extend the drying time and level out brush marks.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the finished product and looking forward to finishing the room!

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