Tuesday, December 11, 2012

If this isn't motivation to clean up the garage, I don't know what is!

Warning, this post does not contain anything creative or inspiring, but hopefully it is somewhat entertaining and feel free to laugh with me :)

If you follow me on instagram @sarahmdorseydesigns you might of seen this last week. Yes, that is paint splattered in the garage on the dresser, wall and ceiling. It was actually everywhere, but I couldn't fit everything in the picture.

 The culprit.

How did it get there? As I was pulling into the garage I ran over a paint can and it exploded. EVERYWHERE. If this doesn't make you want to run out to your garage and clean up everything, I don't know what will! Why couldn't of been white?

Anyways, I spent the next few hours cleaning off the dresser. I didn't make it to the wall in time, so I decided to let it fully dry and then sand it down prior to painting.

This weekend David and I picked up a plastic shelf from Home Depot and got all of the paint off of the ground. I was previously storing it in a cabinet, but it was awkard to get in and out, so a lot of the time it got left out. Obviously.

We primed it first and then applied about 3 coats of paint.

This weekend we also made piles: to throw away, to give away, and to sell. It took all weekend and while the garage isn't beautifully organized, it will do! We are most likely moving in 6-9 months, so we don't want to invest money in organization things that we don't know will work in the next place.

It feels so good to have the garage clean! No more worries about running over paint cans!

and in other organization news, a few weeks ago we repaired my broken closet rod with gorilla glue. I folded and put away some of my clothes that I don't wear as often to lessen the load. So far so good!

Thank you for the advice on how to redo my closet! Like the garage, we didn't want to spend money on something that we aren't sure will work in the next place.  

and finally, to leave you with something pretty. 

Saturday we had the most gorgeous sunset (with no filter/edits applied). The iPhone camera doesn't do it justice!

 Hope that your weekend was more fun than ours! 

So I am the only one who has run over a paint can? Probably. What is your worst painting disaster?


  1. Ohhhh NO! How was the car?! I can't imagine how you felt ... that is crazy!

    1. The car was actually ok, just a little paint on the tire and front. The majority ended up on everything else!

  2. That is just scary! I can not imagine the string of curse words I would use if that happened. How's the car?! You guys are on the ball though, fixing it right away. :)

    1. I was surprisingly pretty calm, considering ... I went upstairs before cleaning up and found that Annabelle had pulled pens and thread off of my desk to chew, that just about put me over the edge though!

  3. Yikes! Thankfully the care was spared! That would have been a really expensive fix.

    1. Yes! That would of been horrible if it got all over the underside!!

  4. Sarah, I feel your pain. I spilled milk paint on my driveway, a rental, and cannot get it off. There goes my deposit.

    1. I think that getting the paint off of the concrete was the worst part! I used vinegar and a scrub brush and it took forever! If it's been sitting for a while, it may be baked on though. Paint spills are the worst!

  5. OMG, thank God your car is ok. I at least I don't have to worry about driving over anything.
    It's because my garage is so full that I can't fit a car in it, LOL...But it needs to get cleaned up regardless.

  6. I would say, you've got most_up_to_date garage! I hear that splatter very hot at the moment;)



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