Thursday, December 6, 2012

Annabelle's Christmas Photos

After we put up the tree, I was excited to get my annual Christmas shot with Annabelle. I decided to try this tutorial on taking photos with a bokeh effect background. I still have to work on the camera settings and lighting, but here a few that I got.  

Annabelle was a very good sport! She especially didn't like the santa hat. Let me rephrase that, she liked it but only as a chew toy. She eventually gave in and we got a few good ones. I love the last one, it's like she is saying, can I take this off now?

and finally, here are a few pics from the last two years:


Such a sweet puppy face! She is much furrier now - I love the scruffy face too though!

I only make Annabelle wear bows and scarfs one time a year ... so I guess it's okay :) 


  1. The pictures are beautiful. I've said it before I love the scruffy puppies. The scruffier the better! I can't even pic a favorite!

    1. Thank you Julia! It has been fun watching her fur change over the past few years :)

  2. I love the last one with the santa hat! What a cutie :-)
    xo Jenn
    With Luck

  3. How fun that you've done this every year!! My favorite is the first one where she's lying down.. she looks like a sweetie.

  4. SO cute..I love the first and the last one because they show so much personality!!


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