Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend and Project Updates

Here are a few instagram highlights from our long weekend!

1. David and I picked up a Santa hat for Annabelle, is she excited to try it on or chew on it? Yep, definitely chew, she was looking for it the rest of the night. Hopefully we will get a good photo in front of the tree, but I'm doubtful! 2. We started putting up the tree - David is the master light stringer as I like to put it. We've already went back to the store once to get more lights and we still need one more. David says that we got rid of some that didn't work last year, I say he put them closer together :) 3. We started polishing the base of the Eames chairs with our Dremel tool fine grit sandpaper and polishing supplies. It looks a little gold in this photo, but it's not (must be the lighting) 4. I have an idea for two closet doors that we picked up at Habitat ReStore. It is currently in the works, I'll keep you posted!

We also went to Shell Beach shortly before sunset yesterday.

In attempts to get a good photo with Annabelle, I said "Where's David?" (before David gets home, I tell Annabelle that David is coming home soon, and she proceeds to get very excited and wait for him by the stairs) She also gets very excited for "Where's David" I guess because it sounds similar to her, so she licked my face ... 

and mouth 

These were best we got, she was too excited to explore the beach!

We left just as the sun went down ...

It was a great weekend!

I'll be back soon with project updates! 


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  1. She is adorable, and that harnish too! I have tried finding a cute one, but the stores here only seem to sell really plain ones (and I do not dare to DIY one because I'm afraid it might rip). A day on the beach sounds really lovely!

    1. Thank you!! We got this harness because her old one was pinching her skin, this one is much softer, added bonus is that now everyone knows she is a girl! And yes, a harness is one thing that I wouldn't want to DIY :)


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