Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Inside the credenza

Yesterday I shared the construction and paint for the credenza in the office.  So the post didn't get too long, I decided to share what inside today. I love it, almost as much as the chevron doors ...  almost! 

To truly appreciate why I love it, you have to see what I was dealing with ...

It was bad, very very bad, and there was another one on the other side with the other printer and scanner. (Ikea Lack table re purpose soon!)

Now everything has a place!

I have a basket from World Market on the left for ink cartridges and other office supplies. The small laser printer sits below with the power strip behind it. A USB hub will also go there, so I only have to run one wire to the computer.

In the middle, the large printer sits on the bottom and the Silhouette Cameo (I got mine from Amazon here) sits above on a sliding shelf so that it has plenty of room (when in use the cutting mat slides back so it needs extra room)

The scanner is also on a sliding shelf so it can open easily.

On the right, we have 7 narrow shelves for flat storage. I love that everything has it's own place!

And best of all, we can tuck it all away!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Elizabeth! That really means a lot! I spent a long time planning it out! :)

  2. Such a great use of space!

    -Sarah {}

  3. Totally understand why you love the inside just as much. Organization like that just makes me happy :)

  4. Amazing! Functional and beautiful!

  5. It's flabbergasting!!! I love that you made it out of scratch and planned it according to your exact wants and needs. It's gorgeous!!


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