Thursday, October 25, 2012

This time last year ...

we were driving to CA!

Whew! it was a whirlwind! Here it goes: October 20th David flew into DC from CA, he had just started on the project he is currently on. October 21st, we went up to NY for David's brother's wedding (fun time!) October 23rd, went back to Frederick to pack up and say goodbye to our family that lives there. October 24th, went to Knoxville to pack up our apartment. October 25th, movers came and we started driving to CA!

You can see we didn't make it far on the first day, since we got a very late start ... but Nashville was fun to stop in. We had a late dinner in our hotel with live music (it is Nashville after all!)

We stopped in Oklahoma City ... not too much to see here (leaning water towers and huge windmills were the exception).

Next Albuquerque, the landscape really starts to change around here. The bottom left picture is the El Malpais Lava beds (the black within the green is hardened lava)

The plataeus and pretty colors were breathtaking! The picture doesn't do it justice, one of those places that you have to go it, but the shot of David and Annabelle is at the Petrified National Forest in AZ (I highly recommend if you are in the area!)

We stopped at the Grand Canyon, even though it was a little hazy it was breathtaking, it is massive!  (I like how Annabelle is looking over the edge, but keeping her distance, it was high!)

And the Hoover Dam, stunning! The bottom right photo is David looking off of the Mike O'Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, which bypasses and overlooks the Hoover Dam. It 900 ft high, I was too scared to look over :)

We made a quick stop for lunch in Las Vegas and then made our way to CA!

We have loved living here for the past year! We aren't sure how much longer we'll be here, but we are enjoying the sun and sand while we've got it!


Also, thinking about driving ... we really want to take Annabelle to MD for Christmas this year, but I think she is a little tall to fit under the seat on the plane (and putting her under the plane worries me). Does anyone have experience flying with a 21 lb beagle/jack russell?

We were considering driving but don't have the time with work schedules (plus in December probably not the best timing!)


  1. Two years ago this week, I drove with my best friend to San Fran from Minnesota... She was moving there, and her husband had left a week before. It was such a fun trip!

    1. This was our first road trip and I can't wait to do another, it was sooo fun!! :)

  2. you passed through my neck of the woods! i live in myersville, md (near frederick) and you moved to my brother's neck. he lives in LA in echo park!

    1. Too funny! David grew up in Middletown, but on the Myersville border :)

  3. I heard about how some people travel with dogs on the radio. Most of them went this route. if you are interested.

    1. We considered it, but Annabelle is a little too high energy! ha!

  4. Love reading your blog, especially since I also live in the Central Coast! I'm actually a third year Cal Poly student, and just started my own blog! Check it out here:

    I would love to hear your tips on blogging.

    1. Hi Amanda! So nice to hear from you! We live in Pismo, so we are in San Luis Obispo all the time :) I loved looking at your pics from around town, we were probably at Avila barn at the same time. Keep in touch! Sarah


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