Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Porch and Outdoor X table

Over the weekend I finally finished my fall entry ... 

We built an X leg table out of extra fence posts (it took only 1 1/2 6' posts)

The top was constructed of three 20" fence posts with sides that were screwed into place.

The angles for the x were determined by drawing a rectangle for the height and width, laying posts in an x and drawing lines for the cuts 

A small piece of board was cut to even out the sides and the legs were screwed into place. And that's it, so easy and only took about 1 hr and a few dollars!

I added a few pumpkins ...

I spray painted one white and added gold polka dots with liquid gold leaf and cotton rounds cut into a smaller circle. 

I love the bright yellow and red straw flowers! 

I also painted the top and bottom of a little pumpkin with liquid gold leaf after spray painting white. 

The gold magnolia wreath is holding up well! The leaves have dried out, but it is holding up well to the gusty wind that we've been getting recently.

It is finally starting to feel like fall here, so I finished just in time :)


  1. Very nice Ms. Sarah. Your re-purposing of the lumber is eco chic. Is that cedar? If so, it'll be even better when it ages. And you now have a place for your bag while you fumble for your keys. Enviable.

    1. Hi Shalagh, Thank you! It is redwood, which also weathers very well!

  2. Is your front door purple?!?!? What color is that, I'm dying to paint my front door purple!

    1. It is brown, but has purple undertones so depending on the lighting it can look a little purple :)


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