Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Herringbone + Chevron Rug + Delta Touch2O

Over the weekend we painted the Danny Seo jute Runner that I picked up at TJ Maxx the other week. I was inspired by Serena & Lily's Feather rug, a mix of chevron and herringbone patterns.

I was ambivalent to paint it because of the rise in the jute; however, using 3M painters tape hard to stick surfaces (the green one) it worked great!

We measure and centered the two vertical vertical lines, to lay out the rest we used a piece of paper with two dots, so that the distance was equal. As we went, we pushed the tape down into the crevices so that the tape would have good adhesion. 

I used SW Overjoy and SW Loyal Blue, left over from the console table in the bedroom and the Moroccan rug to mix a teal. 

I painted the larger areas and David filled in the hard to reach spots with a small brush. The key to getting clean lines with tape or a stencil is to use a thin layer of paint, especially near the edge. 

It took about an hour to lay out the tape and an afternoon to paint.

Once done, I removed the tape and admired the clean lines (I was a little nervous up until this point!) 

I decided to put it in the kitchen underneath the sink and dishwasher. It is nice to have something break up the matching cabinets and floor!

You may also notice our new Delta Touch20 Faucet, which I got to try out after attending Delta's blogger event in June. Yes, we may be crazy for installing it since it is a rental, but I couldn't help myself ... I just had to try out the touch on and off feature. Plus it was super easy to install, so not too much time invested in that, I imagine it should be easy to take out too (it's definitely coming with us!) 

It took a few days to get used to the touch feature after using a normal kitchen faucet, but a few days later it was second nature ... I hope I never have to go back! David even says to me every so often that he really likes it! 

Annabelle seems to like the rug ... or maybe she is just asking me for a treat? (they are next to the sink)

This is my first Danny Seo product, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for more! The rug is beautiful, thick and well made! 


  1. the rug looks awesome! y'all did such a good job!! (and I really like the color choice too)

  2. The rug looks great! I painted stripes onto an IKEA rug with a similar technique but I really like the pattern you've gone with :)

  3. The new rug looks awesome. I especially like the step by step in all your DIY projects. I wanted to know how you feel about the hardwood floors in your kitchen? I'm currently deciding whether to go the traditional route and lay down tiles or change it up and go with hardwood. Thanks in advance if you have time to answer.


    1. Hi Irina! Thank you so much!! The hardwood is nice, just have to worry about water damage, I wipe up water whereas on tile if it was a small amount I wouldn't. Both are great options and have pros and cons, tough choice!

  4. This rug is wonderful - very impacting colourwise, just stunning. Like irina, I really appreciate your generosity in the step-by-step process you patiently prepare for us to follow. I'm really happy to receive your blog posts - thank you :)

  5. Hey Sarah,
    The color is lovely and yes, the rug breaks up the all-wood-is-no-good thing. I have a jute rug and would love to do this sort of thing. And now I know which tape to use! If I could just settle on a pattern. Thank you.

  6. Sarah, you amaze me. Love everything you do! Everything! This rug is no exception. Love the new faucet, heck you might as well use since you have it!

  7. Thanks Sarah! I included a photo of this and your morrocan rug in my post on stencils as well. Love it!


  8. It looks great! I'm thinking of painting my own jute rug. Did you apply any sealer or something like that to the top?

    1. Hi Jill, I didn't use a sealant just the latex paint. It's held up really well! I just take it outside to shake it off, but the paint still looks great! :)

  9. Is the fourth o so tutorial I've read and definitely the one I loved most!! I'm ready now to paint my beige ugly rug thanks to you!


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