Friday, October 26, 2012

Crendeza Update

This week we finally got all four doors on! Let me tell you this was no small feat - the spacing had to be so precise. When we thought we got it right, the doors would hit when opening ... it was a lot of David moving the board ever so slightly holding tightly and me screwing the board back in place.

This was my first time installing cabinet doors, and I now know why the hinges of kitchen cabinet doors are typically a few inches from each other ha!

Our credenza is fairly big (~66" long) which = lots of wood = lots of $$. We were able to cut back on cost by reusing cabinet doors from Habitat Restore. We have four on the front and two on the sides, at $2 each, this was a great way to save money! Don't worry it's getting painted :)

I've been thinking this week about the interior shelving, wanting to fit everything, here is what I came up with.

On the left, the laser print will sit on the bottom and the top will be open shelving. In the middle the large printer will be on the bottom with two shelves on tracks above for the silhouette and scanner, both need additional space when in use, but they will fit nicely inside when not in use. Finally the right will have several shelves for paper and flat storage.

I'm excited to finish, fingers crossed this weekend!

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