Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Aqua Tray Update | How to Fix a Crack in a Tray

When I made covered buttons for the headboard, I decided to use the aqua tray for a hard surface while assembling the buttons, bad idea ... it broke on the very first button. So this week I finally got around to fixing it!

I found paper at World Market on clearance for $1.98, and decided to paint the red with liquid gold leaf

I then cut a circle (tracing the tray) and used a little spray adhesive to adhere the paper to the tray

I used the resin that I purchased for the folded rope light fixture, but never used ...

Following the instructions, I mixed equal parts of the resin and hardener (purchased at Michaels). I used 1/4 of the bottle, which is about 1 square foot of coverage. I poured it in the tray and tilted the tray around gradually until there was even coverage. Waited a few minutes and then exhaled (being careful not to inhale any in) to remove the bubbles that had been creating during mixing.

It was dry to the touch overnight, but for a hard cure I have to wait about 72 hours.

And that was it, a super easy update/fix for my aqua tray in under an hour! 

I love the super glossy finish! Have you used resin on anything recently?


  1. Great idea! Love that you repurposed instead of throwing it out.

  2. This looks great! I love the glossy finish - what a great way to give the tray new life.

  3. Love that! I would of never thought to put fabric on the tray with the resin... great work!

  4. i love this. i also like the idea if the tray has texture on it that you want to cover up. (like a metal tray)

  5. Ahh resin. Expensive yes. Nerve racking. Yes. Used to work for a floral designer and we would take silks and make everlasting water vases. They were really cool but quite tricky to keep stationary while they dried. And husband just made road cases with fiber glass/resin for his gear. Fast drying not so much in 200% humidity. I have a lovely tray that my sister gave me that has resin in the bottom over a picture and I was just admiring the clean shininess of it the other day. I absolutely love the OCDness of your painting over the red. And of course it worked because you're an artist with a vision and no patience for the scratch and the red. Sarah, Love.

  6. Awesome! I may just try this on a not cracked tray! :)

  7. this looks great! love the gold leaf painting on the paper too!


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