Wednesday, October 24, 2012

20% off at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs Etsy Shop!

This week I am offering 20% off at my Etsy shop to thank you for reading! Use the coupon code: SMDDESIGNS20 at checkout.

Recently I've added two stencils:

A moroccan style medallion, a smaller version of my rug stencil ... I am loving this mint and yellow combo!

and a fretwork inspired stencil as pictured with my coral dresser

I also added a pre drawn pet silhouette print option to the shop at a lower price than my custom drawings, with choice of background

stripe ...

quatrefoil ...

or scalloped

Hope you enjoy!

Coupon code: SMDDESIGNS20 is good for 20% off any order for the next week!


  1. Hi Sarah - the fretwork stencil is EXACTLY what I wanted for my mudroom accent wall! I noticed in your listing on Etsy that you turned the stencil diagonally to achieve the look behind your coral dresser - how does that affect the application of the stencil? I like that look a lot. Could an average girl handle that? ;) Thanks!

    1. Thanks for bringing that up! Turning it on an angle was actually no different than doing it straight on (I know surprising!) It works well because you line up the shapes, so the actual stencil direction doesn't affect it. I would recommend squaring it up on the first one and then the rest will follow. Also, I would recommend starting in the middle and working to the sides. Then move it over so it overlaps one. This stencil was easier to keep straight than my trellis stencil (on the MBR TV wall). Maybe I'll make a short video on how I do it ... Sarah :)

    2. Ahh, I get it now! Thanks so much for explaining, and for the tips. I've never stenciled before, but I feel better about it now!


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